Created: 8/18/1983

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The Paris Club onuly agreed In principle to resume reschedulingPoland's debtesternsanction

against the Imposition of martial law, the West since2 had refused to negotiate debt relief. In the meantime, Poland oaJd virtually no debt aervice,.

the Parts Club willinal decision to reschedule by IS September, subject to approval of the members.chedule suggested by theroup of technical experts would visit Poland It late September to obtain data, and rescheduling negot'-tions In the Paris Club would open aroundtober. Moat of the delegate. agreed that no debt relief2 obligations should be concluded until arrears1 areoojfcred. The delegates also opposed any linkage between rescheduling and new credits. IB

Polish officials and Western bankers met in Viennaugust for another round of negotiations to3 obligations. Results of the talks are not yet known- but the pressanking source after the second day of the talks wno said thero had been progress in the negotiations. Relatively minor differences in terms remained after the previous negotiating ttf'.on last month.


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