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th. MHH"!criCyvolutionary process'OClal "nd econo"icemocraticcontains th. improvement

?nana" ociety, unlike communism, stated

h' tlonary

an* oecioda'which directionho.lovaki. or Hungary in Europe, or

countries? By any chance, have notOMd"cording to the economic and

2 I'/ corapaced wttn Cn#lr oemocratic neighbors of Jiraiiar size and

have not even arrived to th.flrac .ta^Pcf the IwltlHitlC

?euSan.mSH,tr(.andKCh:S'more on "ne economic

han to the democratic capitalism.

hav*USlm inountries where theyth9iiceglrne shows that removing the

? aggravates their problems by

individual valuta. Hi.tory ha. Evidenced that in ofthe human productivity i. lower, the lack vfew of"' h-ir spiritual needs, their limited partisan

-aralvs. 5cultu"entralized bureaucratic state,

paralyse the creative capacity of the human beings.

orientedof the countries must be

a iSt .

result of a planified- decision madeowerful central 'bureau-.

*f ND rfH-TE BOOKroup of the Ideological hl?hth* foundation for the NICARAGUAN DEMOCRATIC fchce struggle. And consistently with the pluralistic and democratic features of our movement, itummary of the political goals expressed in different mannera by its baaes, which -oaipnae thouaanda of Nicaraguane of varied democratic ideoloaies rrom all the socio-economic sectiona of the country.

Thua, thia bookide but incomplete review of democracyeans to workolution for the preaent Nicaraguan problema. Bere can be found the Ideas supporting our spiritual struggle; one of whose principles la just the right to thinkifferent way, which leads to new points of view.

THE 3LUE AND whitea also an instrument of political

a" thatto uae it for that reason.

b-9in with 4of it, tolobal perspective of. ideology.

olitical atudy for groupa, each chapter can be analyzed and discussed separately. They are organized according fLTEEi'ifto make them eaaily understood; to that

. ct each chaPtar which help to remember then and ayntheaize the political thought developed there.

y"t" iB alao advt"h'le for the partisan spreading or concepts.

, .THENDK oompriaea ten chapters. The first one points out tbe geopolitical aapecta of Nicaragua and ita

culture. It alao atatas our

aruSny*nd Ch'ir

"cond chapter develops the pluralistic and democraticovemenc' IC" Political and military composition; * c.ru"le motivations and the recommendations for, freedom fighters behavior,ay easily memorized.

he continental aolidarity of

ntri"'tfte struggle againat the Somcza's dictatorship, aa well as againat tbe sandinista totalitarian Marxism.

evaluation of theobtain the reconciliation of the Nicaraguan family by meansgenuine political

The fifth chapter deala with the democratic aystem as theCheProblem, and offerslo5rovisional Government andlacti2ns focNational Conatitutional Assembly,

h,,partictpatlonh* Political parties and the democratic sectors of Nicaragua.


u devoted to the iocial justice

sub]ecta, agrarian reform, the Nicaraguan workera' claims of labor

' public expense, and the wed to st.mulata the workers' profit ahara in the companies, fair opportunities to become buaineaa' shareholdera.

The seventh chapter explain* the waya devised bv

nd'to restore thi public rraedoms violated by the Sandinista Marxian.

w n i,hth chaP"rtba aolutiona developed by the

ril'il: diaarray brought about by the Sandinista

A?^aIa,Ua- A proposed, where the great

""UMra, by coupling the economic needs of

hth-achieving the social

well-being aa th* objective of the economic syatem.

. , chapter evaluatea the huaan advancement and the XJty:h* 9oal* of asociety. The


The tenth chapter deals with the development of tba

" iftmean, of a

nf?h! lntefnaVicaraguan problem, the later development

It th'

h-ot Nicaraguan.Christianwlchmind of the


hich combine the hard combat strugglee political formation.

of this book and aa

Sii?ioiJew notatlona stemmed

lscu"lon of subjects within the frame! 1concepta, where, change toward progress through human freedom will be our better strength.



We are Central Americana, our past and future are bound to America. We are Christians, and we love our motherland, the blue and white flag, and our national anthem.

Nicaragua is in the central point of the Americas. The history of our country is connected to that of the other isthmus countries and the rest of the continent. In the same way, our political, economic and social future is linked to our brother countries of America.

The Organization of American States (OAS)ody composed by the democratic countries of the continent, based on mutual commitments for defense, commercial exchange and culture. These countriesontrlbutive factor to topple Soitoza'a

"ie jcvnthResolution of the Ministers of foreign Affairs, which .contains democratic pledges which have not been honoured by the Sandinista government.

Our nationality is Nicaraguan. Nlcaraguans are allin the national territory and the children of Nicaraguanacharacteriatics of the Nicaraguan majority are

being Christian and identified with the Western culture.

Above all, we are Nicaraguana and must feel bound by this tie which ia beyond political, religious or ethnic differences. Hatred among brethren of the same nationality, becauae of claas or ethnic differencea, ia not acceptable for the Christian Nicaraguana. pat ia why we love and aupport our Mlakitoa, Sumos *na namas orothers.

We acknowledge our reapect for the patriotic svrabols as tney represent our nationality and cannot, nor should they be replaced or changed by others of political character:

lu* and onlv"nich deservea our

reapect and reverence.

Our national anthem ia the only one accepted byas our national

founding fathers are those who forged our nationality,

Irt otherland for all without political difference;TttSy are. Miguel Larreynaga, Joae Dolores Eatrada and Andres Caatro.


God Bless you, Nicaragua, in your land the cannon

is not roaring any more, your glorious bicolor flag is

being stained with brethren's blood.

?eace ia glowing gorgeously in your sky, nothing clouds your immortal glory, work is the best crown Cor your dignity and honor ia the emblem of your triumph.


< W* ar*citizens of different democratic -deologies, joined togetherolitical-military movement determined to rescue Nicaragua from the Soviet occupation.

NICARAGUAN DEMOCRATIC PORCE/ isationalistic political-military movement, that i" Siof national sovereignity struggling to free Nicaragua from the

5^fiitfiian.MTfllat.^andlni"'our country byimperialism which has occupied it by means of an armyof

3 Piuraliatfc aovement, because it is composedPolitical ideologies belonging to

,crata' whi<=hit to assume the organizationew national government in Nicaragua.

-ivilian aovement, because it aims todamocraUc government by means of free and

whichwltn tha Participation of all the

,ilitary aovement too, because the

Ced lt t0ha aCMd "truggle as the way toolitical solution in Nicaragua. reat majority

of our forces is composed by armed civilians: easants,

militaries andf former Nicaraguan militaries.

ue Nicaragua from the Sill 1oX lo-ft^i"ieved,,C0Caa'*t own

The commandos will have the option to participate in the

! rganized or in aSyothe? activities which request some military background, asvicea, supervision, coaatguarda, etc.

mme *Cot in cha national politica, martimm cu""tly "tstin*or organizing new parties, as well as lacor unions or free professionals.

, stems from the national need to providefnich was the Initial plan of the


Amidst these minorities which have polarized their struggle Cor sectarian interests, we are more than millions of Nlcaraguans not identified with either of those factions; therelace opened for US in the NICARAGUAN DEMOCRATIC FORCE.


Because we truly love God

We are liberating our motherland.

we are righting for

Her blue and white flag.

we are armed workers

Againat the thousands of Cubans

Who occupy our country

And humiliate her.

In, we fight united as brothers On behalf of democracy. We demand human rights Por our wretched people.

Our goal is liberty In all its glorious extent, Elections and social justice Free economy and free speech.


discipline and loyalty to theomplete reapect toward theervice apirit for everybody. "With morality and good manners.toward the needy.to act with heroism. "In aolidarity with ay comrades. *Bonesc and fair in ay actions.toward the prisoners.in mind my democratic thought.always Nicaragua in my heart.



The free countries of the world support the Nicaraguan people struggle, as it is the struggle of justice against injustice;

The conflict of the democratic men opposing the Communists.


Tbe Nicaraguan people from all tbe socio-economic strata staged an upheaval againat the Sonoza dictatorship, backed by some democratic countries and government of the world, including the XVIIth OAS Resolution laaued by the Conaultations Meeting of its Poreign Ministers, which was based not only on the "immediate and definitive replacement of the Somozaut alao on the 'establiahmentemocratic (pluralistic) government" in Nicaragua, "to warrant the respect of the human righta of all Nicaraguana without any exception* and "to carry out free elections as soon aa possible, which will lead to the reatorationenuinely democratic government to guarantee peace, liberty anda that Reaolution reads.

From the four above-mentioned bases, only the first was accomplished and the other three, the legitimate aims and rights of the Nicaraguan people, were impaired aince the Sandinista Front seized the political and military power in the new government.

The popular ineurgency of the Nicaraguan people, and the international democratic aupport which followed it, were not intended tolghtiat dictatorahipeftiet dictatorahip, leaning even more on genocide, corruption and repression than the previous one. Whereas, the governments repreaentad in the OAS have an unavoidable responsibility with our people. The xvrith OAS Meeting of Foreign Ministers ia still open.

The democratic community of the American countries and other people and governments of the world are endorsing the struggle of our paople againat the totalitarian Harziat Sandiniam, supported by the Soviet Imperialism.

This continental and even international solidarity ia mcreaalngly more noticeable, as the Sandinista government ia perceivedtrategic pawn in the medium and long range designa of the Soviet Imperialiam to take over the American Continent and the original project of the Revolution, which was tolurallatic democracy reapectful of tbe human righta of every one and all Nicaraguana, ia being diverted far away from it.

th.of the Nicaraguan family .re embedded

ud"cov.ry of the country

has taM JLS^if^SS l? Ch* fatlu"the Sandini.ta revolution SITiJyit been the fact that it haa eyatematised hatredd sociala behavior shared by all the

n"" oi"ical parti..

olitical repriaal are feelinga which ahould be

fthe other Sand,

S.f; wlinga and aocial conciliation will be tbe

aocietv utually bound and integrated

noatuJOCUty WUhOUCd<OtS? kind of

Vcoinowlty to take declalona related to ioaal conciliation ia democratic in it J

?USCational reconciliation of all hundredcciety and th. reincorporation of the8 t0 th"trproductive

rn thlaill be poaaible that the honeat and

nunder tbe current regime can stay in their jobs working for the new government, aa well as th.

ctiv* "cvlc*are no"gu!lty of

emocratic inclination, can be admllted when the

ea"" once the Marxl.tto the nicaraguan

and" whlcb *llowatoand

i,aiftction' taking place periodically areJS*hich guarantees to tbe people the '


yarding therovisional government councilovernment board will be established with the


The National Constituent Assembly, composed by the representatives of all the different political parties and the active forces of the country freely elected, will, be tbe highest

to designate the authorities of Izl *branches for the same period andew Political Conetitution and the laws deemed necesaai

Power designated by the National Constituent

Assembly will convene to free and universal elections for the new executive and legislative authorities for the new period of government.

ustice is the goal of every democratic process in the free world, because political democracy is the foundation of economic democracy.

A comprehensive agrarian reform win deliver to the Niceraguan peasants their full title deeds, not as the Commxunists who only "grant- them tha land to usufruct it. The democratic

a the subject and beneficiary 1 Woraj offering them the opportunity to till their own land, be it in an individual way, cooperatively or any other

withon, managed by their members with the technical, economic and cultural aaaiatance of the State.

. reform programs will make use of the state lands, latifundia or private lands which are not properly used.

ocraCic societies the workerside range

""Uke the communist societies where the only employer

state, the same one who determines the level of services to

by the workers.

. In Nicaragua, the new Proviaional Government will restore

by eh* Sicaraguan workers, as overtime payaonts, the thirteenth' month bonus and those other benefits obtained by means of private collective bargaining.

tt PS?FIT SHARB op WORKERS: The development of profit share Hio that they can pLticipate of fa It i" *fMd by the companies where they work andhareholders of tham; it will be basedutual agreement between capital and labor.

, ^ORGANIZATION OP THE TAX SYSTEM: Taxation, as well Alt A ' wiUtional and fair aystem, in rill SSiJ #Tn8!TU1 bao incomeaxes oilsy.will be progressive, so that who

fmmitvb'th. houses

or handicapped and those entitled for special consideration.


Above all the Individual and the reapect foe human rights, because when man is not respected as an individual, he also is not rtapectedocial entity.

d guarantee the validity of the Human Rignts recognized by the Dnited Nationa and by the Organization of the American statea in their American Declaration of Duties and hhfi&Z Specifically, there will be guarantaea for the freedom of thought, be it speech or written form, freedom of aeaoctation, rreedom of conacience and religion, culture and for the minorities.

The abuaea against such liberties will be punished according to the laws.

carried out by the Communist government of

Nicaragua will be invalidated, aince they are by principle againat the Universal Declaration of Human Righta issued by the United Nations and the general princtplea ofpocial Tribunal will Be established, to return the affected propertiea to their owners, who must accredit their legitimate and boneat entitlementa. The propertiea which cannot be given back for reaeona of aocial interest, will be compensated by the State.

k fuI1JciviI and Political equality of all Nicaraguana hian? Che axarcise of authority willbe regulated by constitutional or legal rulea.

The education of children and youths will follow an

"chnical aod cultural, and itight of the Nicaraguan people and an unavoidable reaponaibillty of the State, which will provide itree compulsory form.

Jwi11 tha ?artnts' right and theirkind of education they wlah for their childrento their religioua and cultural formation, inthe educative action of the State will be limited to offera wide range of freeto oecer tc

ar,AWtlT bain its widest and absolute way, and confiscated temples will be immediately returned.

tha labociHguaranteed?I hem to obtain economic and

U ^WiatmH that it contributes to the

democratic system by means of dialogue and negotiations. The

Iff*as an effective protection tool.

" "U1 b* "cocded in constitutional rulea, eapecially the freedom to organize unions and collective contracts

o th* indigenous

issuingsary legislation to protecl their aIIT, same tlae, the proper programs -ill be arranged and dlv*^ Mclai, cultural andhiS h#rtechanisms through the government financial 9 robleas'to resolutions adopted

branch will be autonomous. This power will

be active

politicians. The Judiciary profession will be established andwill be guaranteed.

ofrightists and?1 b# The civil service will be the

to^rS the"SSHS -Ministration, which will be oriented^aximum degree, it should be run following strict rules of honesty and efficiency.

. Tha Public Administration will be renewed according with

andnecessar? unity of

the government action and th* constitutional coordination.

|MM,, Comptroller Offic* of th* Republic will inv*.tigate. Judge and apply th* sanctions for the administrative

5hents. p*cial cSurt of

n first instanc* th*n aach cas*.



Any policy of reorganization and recovery of the national economy must be baaed on the economic atrengthening of each of the Nicaraguana aa individual!.

rree enterprise and private property will be baaic foundationa of the national economic ayatan. However, private property muatocial function, and therefore Its poaaeaaion and adainlatration will be subject to the atandarda which are required by the maintenance and progreas of the social order. Also, It may be earmarked for purpoaea of public benefit or aocial interest, with fair compenaation to the reapective owner.

It will be the responsibility of the State to coordinate and guide the economic activities for the purpose of achieving the beat and most rational .utilization of th* human and material resources of the country, foe the benefit of the entire Nicaraouan people.

Policiea of austerity in public expenditure will be introduced, especially in those items which do not affect investment in the social sector (education, health, etc.). At the sane time, policies of incentivea for production will be developed, for lta Increase and diveraification, mainly aiming at export.'

Inveatment projects will be stimulated and guaranteed, in order that they may contribute financially and technologically to the development of the country and the diveraification of lta production.

The State will protect and stimulate agricultural activities.

Any type of monopolistic exploitation of private intereat will be prohibited.

The reaources, production syatama, and basic services of the economic structure should preferably be of Nicaraguan ownership.

The democratization of the enterpriae system will be encouraged through the participation of the amall inveator.

The progreaaive Industrialization of the country will be promoted, on the baala of the maximum utilization of national raw materials. The baaic induatries will be promoted, and the ptoceaaing industries will be favored, all in terns of the benefit which they nay represent for the economy of the country.



Private initiative is not -ha privilag* of minoritlas. emocratic aociety, private initiative is th* privilegemita the person to eaerge frost th* ma^oriti**.

Th* respect, promotion, and recognition of human dignity as th* subllo* manifestation of the Divinity will constitute the foundations of the action of theor which reason it will promote in every way th* dignifying, total education, and technical, cultural, and spiritual qualification of .th* parson.

The family, as th* primary nucleus of society, will b* deserving of th* protection and legal, economic, moral, and cultural assistance of the state. Therefore, programs concerning th* welfare or th* family, childhood, youth, and old age will be atudiad and put into practice. The family will be strengthened, and it willn its functions by any organlam.

hich havaictims of the struggle for the liberation of Nicaragua will *njoy the protection of th* State, through laws which will b*n this regard.

Th* political and civil rights of th* woman will b* defended and promoted. Her participation in th* fields which she traditionally has not occupied will b* *ncourag*d. Her technical and professional education will be intensified, special legislation wm b*egarding the occupational risks which are peculiar

thmi0nath?,di2nitvintegrity of the woman, tn* child, and the adolescent will b* severaly punished.

A policy will be developed which will convert the youth into an engine of public administration, liningspecially to social programs, such as those dealing with housing, education, rieaitn, protection of the environment. Furthermore, the youth will De integrated into the production process of th* country.

Youth recreation programs and the technical and professional education of youth will have priority.

The organization and operation ofwill be

ndiapenaabl* instrument of economic and social improvement.

will be given to th* solution of

p*cially through?! "io these areas and encouragement of programs*uCual heiD- Studies of th* design and

iSMina mhouldromin*nt%lac. In terms of the optimum utilization of local materials and methods, in

conditions of each zone. Regulations will be enacted especially to favor th* families of limited income so that thay may possess decent living quarters.

The action of the State will be directed toward achieving the highest degree of benefit for the large majority of the Nicaraguan people. For this purpose, the state resources will be analyzed and rationalized in order that they may reach those who need them the most.

A permanent climate of social peace and human solidarity will be promoted, basedubstantial increase of the national wealth and the most fair redistribution of it,esult of policies which will combat poverty, ignorance, and unhealthlness, thus defending the physical, mental, and spiritual health of all Nicaraguana without exception.


Peace can only be achievedluralist democracy in which all Hicaraguans can participate,emocracy) that has long-term objectives which are compatible with our geopolitical location.

We will seek to establish and maintain friendly relations with all democratic peace-loving countries in the world, and we will reject any form of intervention in the internal or foreign affairs of other states.

We will struggle to restore Nicaragua's international prestige, which has deteriorated seriously because of the irresponsible actions of the present and previous governments, and (we) will also adhere to the principles and regulations of international law, particularly those which promote peace, the peaceful solution of conflicts and the harmonious coexistence of all peoples.

The Armed Porces would be constituted by the Army, Air Porce, Navy and National Police, with their respective commands coordinating at the cabinet level, and ultimately subject to the civilian authorities that may be established at an opportune time. Although their components may not carry out political activities while they are in office, either Individually or collectively, they must be taught and motivated to adequately defend the democratic, humanistic and Christian values of our national life.

The number of the Armed Forces will be limited in proportion to the resources and needs of the country.

The Armed Forces will not be an institution dedicated exclusively to maintain security and order and to defend the national territory; rather, they willermanent school that will enable its members to have better knowledge of the problems of the community and the way to contribute to their solution. In order to better achieve these objectives, the members of the Air Force will be educated in the professions and the liberal arts.

we will cooperate with the strengthening of the inter-American system, for the defense and promotion of freedom, human rights, the democratic system and free enterprise.

In Batters of foreign trade, we will seek to trade with all countries as long aa this is beneficial to the economy of our nation. He will make every effort to obtain fair prices for Nicaraguan exportable goods, and we will support all the regulations of fairness in trade relations.

He will preserve and increase relations'with the different churches, baaed on the fact that the majority of the Nicaraguan people have deep religious beliefs in diverse creeds, and it must be in the intereat of the State to intenaify the spiritual values of our people.


Almighty God, near our pleas ind protect the Nicaraguan people, who today are apread out around the world. We ask you to give the strength of the Shepherda to our Bishopa and Rrieata.

To thoae of ua who live under the Marxiat Sandinista slavery, give ua the atrength to endure the yoke; protect ua from greater evils, and give ua the power to defeat our enemies in the raitn.

oc.our children and our youth: open their minds and their hearts to -ova among all our people, and cloae themate Between Brothers.

Ai to those who live in exile, keep their love of their homeland alive. Help them to be uaeful in the communities where

ChriaUan faith*ndt0Nicaragua for the

We pray for thoae fallen in the struggle. Lord, maycontemplate the light of Your

God and Holy Trinity, we offer You our pain and our error-s. Bring closer the day in which, together in our land, we may again receive the vicar of Chriet, to love aim, apo.ogiiend make amends for the offenaeaommunist and atheiat minority; and thus, vindicate the good name of our people in the Heavens.

Almighty God, we promise You that every day we willut an activity leading to the recovery of Nicaragua, which we commend to Your Son, proclaiming Christ aa our Liberator.

ranC wbo profeaa the faith the freedom to oraise You ruily, together in our land.


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