Created: 9/12/1983

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CHILE: Anniversary Speech

President Pinochet'sh annrversay speech yesterday and the moderate level ol violence throughikend proDaDly will permit renewed talks between the governmen; and the democratic opposition.;

Pinochet defended Ihe timetable included in the constitution0 that calls for restoring civilian ruleut ho confirmed the possibility of an amendment that would allow electionongress before then. He also acknowledged that Interior Ml.Vster Jarpa would continue the dialogue with the opposition Democr i'ic Alliance. J

Most of the violence, which press reports indicate has led about nine dead, occurred in the slums of Santiago. Copperworkers union chief Rodolfo Seguel was jailed, but no other prominent opposition figures were

Commenf: The government, which refrained from calling on the military to handle security, and the democratic opposition will both gain credibility for having held down violence. Nevertheless, the jailing of Seguel and Communist plans for continued violence carry the potential to delay or disrupt resumption of talksemocratic opening.l

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