Created: 8/30/1983

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CHILE: Conciliatory Moves

TIM oownmeni's concessions lo the opposition have Improved the atmosphere for negotiations, but they could be undercut by radical leftists' plans to stage violent actions this week, jgj

Interior Minister Jarpa, following discussions with moderate opposition 'eaders, has authorized the return of more exiles,ive-year-old state of emergency, and announced that the government will soonlan for legalizing political parties. Opposition Leaders have acknowledged that these moves represent some progress, but they are making additional demands and atlllifth day of national protesteptember, m

Comment: President Pinochot may have strengthened his military backing by authorizing the concessions. Ha also hasore positive atmosphere because the concessions, although limited in practical effect, are psychologically significant. Nonetheless. Jarpa has already Indicated that the opposition's demand that Pinochet reelgn waa unacceptable and that the government will not surrender Its powers to limit civil liberties.

Leftist-Instigated violence probably IS Intended to cause the government toarder line. If the violence persists or Increases, Pinochet and democratic leaders would find It more difficult to agree on compromises. IJ


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