Created: 8/13/1983

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CHILE: Crackdown Produce* Violence

The violence following President Pinochet's decision to crack down cn participants In the nationwide protests on Thursday probably will Increase pressure from elements within his governmentccelerate political concessions. Government spokesmen reporteaths, and there we'e unconfirmed reportsrrests, as troops and police used tear gas, dubs, and automatic weapons against therominent civilian conservativeolitical opening and the return of exiles was sworn In on Wednesday to replace an Army general as Interior Minister.

Comment: The demonstrations were the most extensive and violent so far. and the funerals for those killed could prompt more violence. The security forces' lack ofIn the reported deaths of children from strayoffset any positive effects of the recent cabinet changes. Pinochet faces Increasing concern In the military over tha lack of orderolder and more unified opposition. Unless significant progress Is made soon Toward civilianolitical crisis fs likely to develop.p

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