Created: 8/10/1983

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CHILE: Another Dey of National Protaat

Chile's fourth day of national protest tomorrow will indicate whether President Pinochet's continuance in office is becomingey political issue, and il will set the tone forMvwJeTonh anniversary of the overthrow offtende next "nvnth.

The protest, which was calledroad range of opposition forces. Is to Include commercial and transport ooycolis. street rallies, and other nonviolent aclrvltlBs. Previous protests wore aimed generallyaster return to democracy, bul several opposition spokesmen have announced lhat this demonstration will call specifically for Pinochet's resignation]

This demandey provisioneclaration negotiated in recent weeks by the Chrlsiian Democrats and other opposition groups. Their manifesto also callslebiscite to approve the callingonstituent assembly toew constiluiion. the creationransition government, and an emergency economic plan to revive the ecorwmyj

Pinochet has tried lo slow the momentum of the opposition byommission to propose rules lor bringing back political parlies end Ihe Congress and for holding elections. Opposllion leaders, however, are criticizing the lackrovision to accelerate ihe current timetable lor restoring democracy

Government officials are disturbed by the opposition's increasing cohesion and boldness. Pinochet Is seeking to appease military and cabinet officials who believe somo liberalization is necessary to ma ntaln ^ocin; peace.

Comment: The Presldenl appears to be holding plans in reserve for moro significant concessions. He probably intends lo use them in coping'with the massive protests expected aroundt



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