Created: 7/15/1983

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CHILE: Prospectsialogue

The third national protest on Tuesday reestablished the momentum of the opposition end, improved the'cllmateialogue between the government and the opposition, but It probably will not persuade President Pinochet to make melor concessions. |

. The government's curfewheld down street Demonstrations, but moderate'political leaders were pleased with (he other manifestations of opposition. They also are encouraged by their ability to dissuade leftists from carrying out extonslveacts of violence. J

Comment: Pinochet has demonstrated that heNonetheless, his Increasing reliance on arrestsfigures, curfews, Army patrolling, andmeasuresacit admission tnet'routlne controls

The lower level of violence and entreaties fromPope and several West Eufopean'govarnm

climate for dialogue on the opposition's proposals and timetables for transition to civilian rule.efusal to negotiate would Increase polarization, Pinochet may Judge that he can weather the current level of protests. He may decide to concentrate on thwarting efforts of opposition groups to unite and stage more widespread protests.JJ

Over the next several weeks leaders of the antlgovernment labor and political coalitions probably will continue their efforts to achieve close cooperation; to try to enlist conservative support, and to. prepare for more massive national demons!rations. The largest protest Is likely to occur aroundeptember,h anniversary of the overthrow of the Allende government, fjfj

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