Created: 6/22/1983

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CHILE: Pinochet Confront! Labor

The opposition's callational strikellrstosulted In numerous arrests yesterday ot organizers. Concurrently. President Pinochetoncession by allowing several prominent political figures to return to Chile, which had been demanded by the National Workers' Command. The principal organizer of tha strike Is charged with attempting to overthrow the government. The administration Is closely censoring press reports on the planned walkout, which would Involve nearlyorkeis in the Important copper, Transport, end marvufacturing



Comment: Pinochet believes that divisions 'n the labor movement can bs Intensified by severely punishing strikers while rewarding potential supporters by foliowng through on the political concessions he announced lasttrike under current conditions would drew significant international labor support. The Army's backing for Pinochet and his latest tactics still appears firm, but his support among security and other military servicess accompanied by widespread clashes, jj^^

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