Created: 6/17/1983

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CHILE:f Coppmrmorkmn

The coppcrrvorhers' strike today protesting the arrest ofSeguel for sponsoring protests on Tuesday probablya firm response by the government end bring tensions tohigh. The union,O members, is Chile's largest Theunions that make up the National Workers' Commandwhether to make good their threat tony ofwere arrested.

Cofflmenf: President Pinochet Is likely to arrest the organizers, fire theat one mine were dismissed for strikingsend the armed services toalkout by the other unions could spread to professional and politico! groups that supported the anllgovernment protests ontate of emergency already Is In effect, and. If strikes spread, the poverryment probably wouldtate ot siege. As the opposition grows, controversy fci the government couldwi in In the nationalhandling the unrest, and the timing ofransition to democracy.

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