Created: 6/16/1983

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CHILE:oo* it .on

The widespread support tot the "Day ot National Protest" on Tuesday and the government's stow pace of transition to civilian rule will encourage more opposition activities in coming months. J

Press sources report at least one person was killedrrested In Santiago find other major cities. The National Workers'oalition of labor confederations led by Copperwortters' Presidentrganized small street rallies and business and school boycotts^^ftlst youths are believed responsible for theombings. H

The two leading political coaloos of right, center, and mod orparties publicly supported the protests. Air Force Generala retired juntatransport workers and wheatgrowers also endorsed the demonstrations.

President Pinochet attributes the agitation to the Chilean Communist Party and to Soviet Influence. He says the constitutional timetable wilt not be changed and vows the government will stand firm. The government has announced that Seguel. who already Is being prosecuted for organizing protests onay, has been


Comment The organizers of the protest probably writ continue to push theirfrom an end to the state of emergency to establishment of aorganizing similar protests next month. Demonstrators were more successful In wganjzlng activities outside the capital and among professional group* B

The extent of the domonstrations win increase public doubts concerning. Pinochet's assertion that opposition actlvites are the result of Communist efforts, vigorous prosecution of Seguel Is likely to provoke Immediate protests and may leadtrike by the copperworkerseneral strikeI

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