Created: 9/1/1983

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Soviet Satellite Defense Against the US Miniature Vehicle Antisatellite Weapon fj|


Soviet Satellite Defease Against tbr US Miniature Vehicle Antisatellite Weapon!

Soviets will have onlylimited capability to defend their satellites aiainst an attack by tbe air-launched miouture vehiclehe US antisatellite (ASAT) weapon lyiterncheduled to be deployedhe ASAT weapon will be capable of attacking low-aluiodencloding meat of the Soviet reconnaissance satellites. Once the Sovieu delect an attach, the most likely tactic tbey would employ to defend their mcllites is maneuvering to avoid inierception.

technological advances and of Soviet perceptions of lAT threafoderate like^bood that the Soviets will develop additional defensjv

by lthough these couniermcasur? would increase ihe"probability of satellite survival. Ibey can only be implemented after major technical problems have been solved. The weight of cov ntermeasure packages added to present saiellites probably would require the useew launch vehicle, and the Sovietsuitable launch vehicle ursder de-rrJesruiseBl.is may choose to incorporate counter mcasares in newly designed satellites!

Ti hough we believe that Use Sovieu may atteaipt to increase satellite maneuver capabilities by increasing propellant capacities, we see no spacecraft designs_that include this or other meditations for defensive countermeasures.'

We believe the Sovieu know enough about the ASAT system to develop countermeasures designed to increase the survivability of their satellites. Open-source reports about the ALMV conuin dau on the probable Soviet target satellites, physical dimensions of the ALMV. main compooenu of the system, initial basing ofodified for ALMV launch, prime contractors and budget, andetailed design drawing of tbe ALMV. We believe this mfornsation would alio- the Soviet, to model Ihe ASAT system accurately enough to predict at'ack geometries and to identify threatened satellite targets during an attack.^B


Sonet Satellile LVfcnsr Ag-iral the (IS Miniature Vehick Antiutfllllf Wripon^

The Air-launched Miniature VfUck

The US air-bluiKbed miniature(ALMV) It part, reel-ascent, bit-to-lull aatuatclliic IASAT)that it scheduled lo be deployedT. The weapon coriani of the ALMV payloadate boaster.arried to launch penal byJ aircraft that haa been modified to carry cocaine and computer .titerfact support equipmentallet ia the aour.iimlion bay and tbe ASAT weapon beneath the

Intypical intercept plan,5 carries tho ASAT weaponn altitude ol* aboutilometershen ilpersomc dash and cjceU tbe ASAT

A large imc-jni of open-tource itiformatior on ihc ALMV and iu lubayi'crni Ia available in ihcnd ihey have recently poetailed deaoip*he ASAT i> item in one of their militaryhe major source of information ii Aviailon Wrtk and Space Tttkmology. along with technical jouraab. Ccuigrtaaieaal aad Defense Depart mealand Jour's Weapons Almanac Information



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only Soviet method of dir ALMV attach it maneuverine

)be Soviet low-altitude satellites likely to bemarten vera ble. escept foe ir ELI NT

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