Created: 5/13/1983

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EL SALVADOR: Military Developments

saivarjor tale this month iiicnntciq entral

Itha guerrillas ara plannlnfj a

new ooariiton in ine OTiaTapi VfllfArti area, toiiowlng their successlul sabotage attacks laal month agalnti aaveral key bridge* In the east Guerrilla unltiaejajaajaa^ ara preparing lo moveatsssssssssSJBaVon;Bp0 area Jheyarge quantity of 4aaVBfa> for the operation



Mr anwhiie. the Insurgents eraa|or victory In an Mack earner this week on the town of vemmerniey killedovernment at leastifles and several heavier wti^iM

The government allege* lhal Iha Insurgentsivilians andaptured soldiers In the flghllng al Clnqoere Insurgent massacres have occurred occasionally in lie peal, panlculsrty against members ol local cMI dalanss un.ia anduch unlit havacflen been accused of afrocllles agalnal guerrilla aympalhlzeraMHB

In another operation, tho guerrillas daim lo have clashed wHh an silts government airborne company, killing many of lta iroocaB

Commend The Insurgents may beeries of major aabotege actions In central El Salvador to coincide with attacks on Isolated government gamtons They losowed thai pam In the east laat month, when they attacked Same Row da Uma anejdfw.up key bddgea on the Inter-Amertcen end Coastal Higrrwiyt.1

tilling of

capturedlnquera may ilrongthen governmenl attorn to persuade Ipcjlmllllary oarriiona to nsnd and flghl raiher than

surrender TJ

"ppfoved lor Relents

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