Created: 10/13/1983

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USSR-IRAQ-IRAN: Commentary on French Aircraft 8ale

A Soviet television commentator on Tuesday said the Iranian reaction to the reported delivery to Iraq of five French Super Etendard aircraft could lead to lhc involvement ol other countries In the war. He claimed lhal the "greatest danger" Is that the US would use such an escalation as an excuse for "armedhe commentator repeated the USSR's longstanding appealegoiiated settlement and said the Soviets are "resolutely against" outside mNHavy interference. i-

Comment. These remarks, although not especially authoritative, aro Moscow's first response to the reported delivery of the aircraft and Tehran's threat to close the Persian Gulf. His focus on the possibility of US military involvement suggests concern about an increased US military presence In the region. For the Soviets,rospect probably outweighs the potential benefits of the temporary disruption of Western economies that may follow an Interruption in oil exports from Ihe Persian Gulf. I

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