Created: 10/24/1983

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IPAN-lfTAO: Fighting In Iraq Continue

Iran's Initial success in recent lighting along tho northern portion pi the bor/jry haso retaliate against*

' " jlranlan forces0 kilomelers Inside Iraq no'lbwesl ot Pso/vrlrfand In posmon to threaten Ihemall Iraqi armored lore* was counterattacking Both sides report heavy lighting In ihe hint jusl north and east of


Iraq Mi reacted by increasing us airstrikes on Marlven,

headquarters of tho Iranian operation, and by launching surface-to-

surface rrtssile atlochs on Oeiful andoleymanf"

addition, tho Iraqis claim to have mined

tho approaches lohomeLil. Iran's only functioning port with |

|ran'e mKltary attach* In Damascus privately has repeated Tehron'i warning that it win mine the Strait of Horrnux it Baghdad attacks Iranian oH facilities. One of Iran's destroyers conducted an exercise near the Strait of normui on

rWty| ,

Comment: The outcome of ihe border fighting Is still unclear, but the Iranians probably win try lo consolidate their gains to secure conirol ol Ihe Important border crossing from Merfvan to Pan|wtn twfore winter weather makes further heavy fighting difficult. Iraq's strategy of punishing Iran by attacking pooulatlcn centers Is unlikely to alter Iran's determination to continue Ita war of attrition,!

Iraq's claim to have mined Band arela notimilar Iraqi claim earlier in the war and repeated Iraqi attacks on lant snips have failed to deter vessels from calling at ihe port.

Iranian officials have repeatedly warned fxibflciy and ortvatefyStialt ol Hormui would be dosed If the Iraqi* interferedoi exports, tran'a second naval exercise near in* Straitin lessonth h. pari oi its cemDeiQn lom'louaoess of Ha three

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