Created: 10/21/1983

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PAKISTAN: Violent Protests Resume

Aniigovemmem demonstrations have flared up again in Pakistan, and there are new reports of Soviet training of Pakistani subversives. '


New violence occurred in Sind Province yesterday, although the climax of the Muslim religious holiday of Muharram passed early this week without the anticipated sectarian clashes. Opposition sources claim that at leastersons were killed and several hundred arrested when government militia swept through several villages in the Sind.

Lawyers staged protest marches yesterday in nearly all of Pakistan's major cities. The most serious encounter occurred In

lawyers was blocked by ihe police.|he government is increasir coverage of internal political developments.

Comment: The demonstrations by lawyers appear to be their most successful protest so far. Although the lawyers have long been the most disaffected ol Pakistani opposition groups, they have not attracted much popular support. The government's efforts to limit coverage may even be provoking some larger newspapers to increase their coverage of the opposition movement I

Pakistani officials appear to be increasingly concerned aboul reports of foreign meddling in Pakistan's internal troubles. The Pakistanis, however, have not apprehended any Soviet- or Afghan-trained dissidents in the Sind.l


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