Created: 11/21/1983

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IRAN-AFGHANISTAN: Military Tensions

Tehran tears Kabul will rgialiaie lor continued Iranian mv to insurgent groups.

the past year Iran hat doubled the small quantity of arms il gives to pro-Iranian Afghan insurgents. In addition. Iranian Revolutionary Guards continue to train and advise Afghan Insurgents In Iran and. Afghanistan, and they are_ monitoring their activities more close!)

Soviets and the Afghans have been Increasingly concerned about Iranian aid to insurgent groups. Nonetheless, they probably win continue to Hmlt any retaliation to attacks on Afghan camps In Iran or on Iranian border posts that aid insurgents!


lan aid is Important to the Insurgents In Herat Province and Ihe mountainous central region, it apparently ismall share of Ihe total received by the guerrillas

The Afghan* being moved away from the border probably areho are dl*trusted by the Iranian Shla regime. Iran vents the Insurgents to establish p'u-Khomefni organization! in Afghanistan ir return lor Iranian aid, something ofo most SunnladH





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