Created: 1/9/1984

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chile: Terrorie! altnckt merer...

Leftist attacks are prompting-the government to adopt stronger security, measures, am

ombings, kmin'g's. and other


ie' work of new drganizatlona.^chm the" ml tendency, which is preparing tor, prolonged

attacks are being cnrrieatnjhffltrrty^trrtffbw^^ups. such as the movement of the revolutionary left, nnd by communis! party elements: others are the work of new organizations, such aa the' proletarian ineur"- " or nrotont armed struggle.

cases to military courts ai acts;that do not cause -been stepped i"


ao. not* haveup nnd security for senior officials tightened jm}

Comment the increase in terrorist attacks, occurringime of reduced political opposition activities during the summer vacation period, may be'designed to deny plnbchet'the breathing'spell he expected. police reaction has been restrained thust bijhmbkmilfurther attacks could load io quicker nnd loughe^ohco responses end provide ammunition for tho opposition

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