Created: 9/27/1983

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CHILE: Polilical Development!

Tntve are indications that talks between the government and the opposition may reopen early next month, but President Pinochet also may be considering more oggressive actions against some opponents.

Archbishopey Intermediary In Ihe talks,ew round o< discussions In the next few weeka. He Is anxious lo see Ihe process resume became ho bolleves popular discontent has reached alarming proportions In theworst since the Allende era. Fresno believes the climate tor talks may ba Improved when the presidency ol the opposition Democratic Alliance passes next week from outspoken government critic Gabrielpresident of the Christian Democraticanother party's representative.

The government's decision on Friday to drop the remaining charges against Ftodolfo Seguel and other leaders of the copper confederation for organizing protests and strikes meets one of the opposition's conditions lor resuming the talks. Moreover, Interior Minister Jarpa said publicly yesterday tne government is ready to resume talks "soon.'

Comment: Neither aide wants to bear ihe onuereakdown In Ihe talks, and their resumption is Increasingly likely. If the government decides to use axtreme tactics, however. It risks destroying theniversityMofcer protests Tria^reTeing planned could provoke dashes with security lorces.

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