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Saddam Hutayn nasalt Cornerother family members and hasajor pufaa of thasa^ce that Banan had headed

//Two other halt brothers and Khayrsliah Talfah. the petrlarch ole lam ly. also have been

SHiga Security agents reportedly discovered thaits oluling Tlkrltl clan were beginning to plot to remove Saddam.//

new dkecior or the security service. General af-Fakhri. and his two newly appointed deputies-Saddam's son and -on-ln-iaw-naye neartyoundup o( those toyal to Barzan SBammWM GSfflMiBi'Mn nad foilowors wtlhln civilian and military institutions. including the flep-jbiicsr, Guard Brigades, as wail as the6 on Monday within Wai palace complex that houses tha Brigades.//

//Disarray In ihe clan end the security service weakens SacTdam lor the moment Me appears to be trying to stabilize tho situation rapidly by giving important positionsew set ot Close relates and

//The President's move could provoke an assassination attempt by supporters of Barzan still in the regime who fear lor their poaftlona. In any event, the turmoil wHI further lower morale within the governmentime wnen Iran Is making gains on the northern battlefields.//

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