Created: 12/20/1983

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MH't*f7 Developments


Luanda charges that South African forces recently attacked itsin the south and "is refectedonditional otterits troops fromJ^^fi

ngola claim* that sine* last Wednesday South African groundavarom Xangongo toward lha Angolan garnson at Wulcndo. tt alsothai ova* tha weekend South African aircraft, bombed government forces at Mutondo and Caiundo.jB

ratec:ed Pretoria's otter last week to withdraw Its troops from southern Angola onanuary tor one month In exchangessurances that Cuban. Angolan, and SWAPO forces would not exploit thaWAPO spokesman also rejected th* oner becaus* I* would require th* Insurgents tosase-nre.l

summary rejection of Pretoria's offer reflects Its continuing effort to stop the latter from sidetracking the UN debst* on the South African presence In Angola, tt alsoign of the strength ol tha SardKners in Luanda, .whoithdrawal of Cuban troops


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