Created: 12/22/1983

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SOUTH AFRICA-ANGOLA: Mlhlary DavalopmenU

African ions tn southerneacooter base has bajsn evtabuahed al Muoa. which South African

sweeps last summer. Mirage flgtiM-combers at Ondengus, In northern report South African sir snd attacks against military snd cMllan targets In ihe south./r

"retstKety smeH sow of tha South African ground torce In southern Angola and the pattern of oUperaal ot unrtsasny wtde area are conaanwnt artth PTWtona's daarns met Its ground forces srs engaging In sweep operations against SYVAPO units and do not plan major engagements wttn Cuban and Angolan units. The South African mechanized Infantry battalion that remains near

jo apparentlyeserve force for contingency purposes.//

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