Created: 3/5/1984

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National Intelligence Daily (Cable)



TUflKEV: Concern About Border Security

f/7ne Turtaos taken several sieos in recent monthsc/ease ihe secwity of Us southeastern co/fle/.r-


c<irrma.-ido battalion was sent from Keyseri to the Iraqia

security forces along the border with

aea Iheir spc-:lly pssturer

n-.nandQ basetraining, (acuity have

/.'inew. been built near Slverek ]the commando'

atcrg tha Syrian Dorder

/'tast surr-norrks ceganence along most of the easiern segment of the Syrian border, in tnis same area soldierseries ofatchtowers pusmall stations farther tact from the border.!-

urkey has been primarily concerned with protesting vital economic targets along the border, Including the Iraqi-Turkish oil pipeline and trade routes. The recent Turkish moves also may have been prompted by tearsumored Iraqi offer of autonomy to Iraqi Kurds that might have repercussions among Turkish Kurds. Kardlsh separatism and harassment of Turkish border security forces have longroblem for Ankara!-

//Iraq's preoccupation with Ms war with Iran has reduced Its abiMy to control the Kurds In the north. This wasajor factor in Baghdad's decision to permit the Turks to conduct the operation last spring against theraq. Any major resurgence Of Kurdish dissident activity might prompt Ankara to consider mountingcp aga oat the Kurds!-

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