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IRAN: Loglallc Difficulties

Iran is experiencing problems tvt.'n loo-sics ano* poor planning as ii prepares lev its offensive in ihe

On Tuesday Aystollah Montaterl. Ayatollati Khomeini's heir apparent, publicly accuses military commanders In charge of the war ol bad planning. He instructed commanders not to squander popular support and to prepare attacks that lead to victory.HBsugaesiedpecial corps ot military planners be established.

Comment: Montazeri's comments Indicate Tehran Is becoming concerned that these obstacles could reduce its chances ot victory in the coming battle. As more Iranian troops are massed in the southern area. Tehran's logistic dilUcultlea could increase. The main offensive, ir, probably will be launched despite these seto&cks I



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IRAQ-IRAN: Countering Subvsrsion Among the Shlae

tract rS moving on several boms too/ SWas.

Since Iran began ita aeries ol attacks along the border last month. Radio Tehran has intensified its propaganda campaignubvert Iran's SNa community. The Iranians are repeating their call to their Iraqi coreligionists, who makeillion ol the country'sillion people, to overthrow President Saddam Husayn.1-

[the Iraqis have countered Iran's mating to tht

p.-ocsganca campaign Dy aopnating to Ihe Shies' patriotsm ond AraD pride. They also note that Saddam is personally popular wtth the Shta* and that so lar n* retains iheir loyalty. In recent wsll-pubUc-itaO tour* a'reas.'eceived enthusiastically.[

Coounenf Trieho probabty underrate the strength otoi Sraae' naiionai'at aenernent. ere Oketyttempt to increase MfAKsM attacks In Iraq to conade with their planned military offensive agams) Al Basrah (ran also will ccnllnoe to aim propaganda at Iraq's Shiaat theercent of (he military's er ilea ra'H) composed

Iraq's well-trained and efficient security services should be able to contain the Iranian subversive campaign. In the past year they have foiled all of Oawa's attempted terrorist attacks.


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