Created: 3/2/1984

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National Intelligent

ran appears lo De preon/ing lis lorces in caw the lighting spreads inio Ihe Persian Qufl.peraiing out ot Bushire increase Iran's capaWlyrotectsland. The Iranian destroyers probably wii not operaie near the island, where they would be vulnerable to Iraqi air attack, but they are Skely lo be kept ready to threaten shipping in the slrartj

The threat ot suicide missions against US naval lorceseparture from Iran's previous position. Tehran had maintained that Western media reports that It was preparing such missions wre propsganda Inventions intended lo prepare tWfg| an Increased Wcstorn presence In the Middle East

Iranian Morale

Commenl: Popular discontent with the war could Become widespread In Iran if il laiM to make male gains and Ihe casualties horn Ihe latest Dailies Become public.

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