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D'Aubuisson^ Military Contacts

Before leaving tht armed force* in the wake of the October

ilitary coup. Major D'Aubuisson had servedis cornerntelligence officer with the National Guard. He and severalfrom the academy classes and 1ked .tlrectly unCer or In cooperation with National (Juurd Director Mcdrano,otorious and powerfulin trill tary mA rightwinq civilian circles. Hedrano ha-

-:ir. protein Cwus on counterintelligence and, D'Aubuisson and his colleaques helped

develop civl;an intalliq-nce networks and vigilantencroli'dhe National Guard. They al-oin illeeal detentions, torture, and thewhich reporting suqqe-its stayedifter9uo.

oi D'Aubuisson's most notorious oast associates in the military were Lieutenanttaba-n, Zaeapa, Zepeda, Cruz, ochoa. Ponce, and Moran. Thene and other midrlle-erade officersrnthe^entorsew generation of junior officers

| in death squad and

riiArqai activities. The murder of two US labor advisors at the Sheraton Hotel in San Salvador in for example, was authorized hv two younq officers known for their criminal activities and cose association with D'Aubuisson and ether extremist officers.

p'Aub>iis3on's Political Organization

In'Aubuisson was jailed and then exiled for coup plotting. He left for Guatemala and formed the Broad National Fronteal-clandestine political organisation bent on overthrowing the reformist regime in San Salvador. n-Jicates that PAN received siqnifican- funding Salvadoran exiles living .broad,N links with L'S politicians and burfffllWaTlrT^Tne FANlack market contacts toall para-military organization n El Salvador that included both civilians and military personnel, some of whom probably belonqed to eslstinq death squads loval to D'Aubuisson.

By tbe fall'Aubuisson had reorqanited the FANonafide political party known as the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA). He convinced businessmen am* other professionals to Join the partv and suDport candidates in the


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2.elections. During this period,

nirnnirn several

Christian OoaKw-taMr^pTrty, civjl servants, ark labor

evomc rhe recond ljrqear. politicil partv inan.lis the hem funded and orqantzedroiiJ>ntij^lorM(iii, within the Dortv,ison ea* that enqaqc

litiei". ian .induction, tcrlure, il tho bflainnln-i 'Msof this te-c

Heniine to arena reportedly utilized membersSecret Antl-tTomauinist Arnv and the Maxlmillanodeath souads founded several vears aqocarry out murderand sabotage aqainstor ncrc"how thatrouo

was coniidorroetina vsrwirassv officials in responsestories ahotit MQhtwing terrorism, rollowine the visitPresident Bush andi<inatlon of D'Auhuisson froeito run forand two associates also

left their public poat*.


or to anyi lltarv orto

Assassination nf' v


_" accused P'Aubulsson ot complicity oKero r? "i UMBMi _isothing that coulone construed proof.

Mhile anyumber rightwlna death squads could have planned and carried out whatelatively simple executioneighborhood chapel in San Salvador, there probably vera few so fanatical and daring as O'Aunulsson to do it. Several mmaaj he Romero assassination elala that D'Aubulsaon and hi ?aaammmmm colleagues held meftlnos in0 to plan tha kllllne. hTflhTammaTmmtamTmmamamm^^

to determine who would carry cut the act.

Since that time,s hfen no Information on the status of the AREMA-soonsored terrt qroups. Killings in January and February ofaro he the work of rightwing extremists cannot he pinnedlfieally to D'Aubulsaon ai of several other death exist.

indicate that military personnel comprised the hit squad andormer National Guard enlisted man fired the fata* shot. Idiffer as to the logistics of the killing.

NOB:been at variance in interpreting

tne death 1 Mil1 ffort to assure that

laro working froa tne same data base. Collection requirements are also fafted in Dreparation for an intelligence community assessment of the death squads.

Acript is classified SECRET SENSlTrirB-Jji_ its entirety.

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