Created: 4/21/1984

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i of th* Antonov Cim

new Italian Ambassador to Bulgerla has told

affj allhoutjii nis gav*rr>nent win try Sorge

WgWIfTirrphe papa', assasfnil ore balievoa thaoo -ea-ormctlpn. Other Italian officials also ib, thsi Antonov vrti ba brought to trial, but they OiBsg-e* among tnemeerve*utccm* Earttvr this month Rome ana Sols exchanged ambassador* for Bts e since AntoncV* arras; In

Comrninl: me AmDossador's commsnts presumably reflsct extensive briefing* before tils depB'ture for Sofia, although tha Foreign Ministry la not officially privy to the Invastlgstlngeport. Tne megintrste believes the evidence against Antonov is semi, but other government officials question his objeetMty In the case. Aflhounh the Antonov caseontinuing Irritant, th* exchange of ambassadors reflects the deslr* of both countries to normalize relations.

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