Created: 5/19/1984

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Presiuro lorCrackdown in the Punjab

Demandsndies oppoi/llon coalitions that Prima Minister Gandhi and lha communal violence in Punjab probablf reflect increasing public support outside Punishecisive crackdown.

xtremists nave renewed rhear *release last olt7oo( the moderatei. Dai Pan* Secui.ty lorcesun,aoced on general alert this week alter Sikn terroristsaramilitaryndiedtest ihe assassinationrominent Hindu editor Tne violence has IpiHed Over into lhe ne<ghbonng states ol Pajasihan and Maryjna

One opposition coalition has demanded Gandhis resignationmoves frfmty io end lhe crisis, according to pressof the other major opposition coalition, whoselarger, from Hindus HI the north, urged Gandhi to sende-

a survey or public optnon nmn0"oaJitM support theovernmeni forcesh lampiesPunjab lo curb lhe* use as sanctuariesrror iSU

Comment Opposition teeders have been trying to msae Gandhi's handimg of the Punjab cnvs an etecuon-rear .uue Ganoh. nlo be particularly tenvitvencsm fromhe north because she needs thear votes to oitsel dwindling support fromnaJ southern and Muslim

Gandhi may be forced to adopt tougher measures lo curb lhe useas sanctuaries bul ami iry to avoid the risk of furtherby ordering security lorces inside She willend Army units lo Punjab, in pan because thedomestic security problems Mmam

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