Created: 4/13/1984

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SRI LANKA-INDIA: Emergency Diecussions

increasing ethnic violence In Sri Lanka's northern province ot Jaffna haan emergency visit to New Delhienior Sri Lankan of/ld'l Io explain Colombo's recent aggressive efforts lo contain communal problems snd ro argueeduction In India's support lor Tamil Insurgents. I

Since Wednesday, insurgent attacks In Jaffna nave intensified.

J The Army cairns to have killedepufs>ng Ihe attacks |

Sri Larka's newly appointed Minister for National Security tiew to New Delhi yesterday for lour days of lalks on the communal disorders. Mo will meet with Prima Minister Gandhi, the Dolense Minister, the Minister of External Affairs, and olher senior advisers

Before leaving, the Minister announced tne impositionava!rone cetweennd Sri Lanka to interdict tne mrjvement ot insurgents, arms, and otter Supplies into Jaffna from lhe southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu He stated that suspicious vessels in this narrow zone will bo subject to search and seizure by patrol cratt. which are to be assisted by aenat surveillance.^

Comment: The visit is mainly designed to ease growing bilateral tendons. The Minister will try to porsuade Gandhi lhal President Jayewa/dene's tough approach to tne communal problem is working.

lready concerned about Indian training camps for Tamil insurgents in Tamil Nadu. Me probably tears thai. II India views the situation In Sri Lanka as out of control. Gandhi will Intervene in Sri Lanka

Colombo's firm response lo the recent disturbances indicates mat Jayewardene is committed to confining insurgent activity to tie northern province. He also is demonstrating to Sinhalese supporters thatriisgovernmem will not bend to Tamil separatist demands

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