Created: 4/5/1984

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SRI LANKA-INDIA: Problems Wiih Tamil Terrorism

Violencencreasing between lhe Tamil minority and the dominant Sinhalese community in Sri Lxnka. andharges of Indian support tor Tamil separatism are ttrainma totations with New Delhi.


Tamil terrorists have Claimed resporsibi!allna.o nine killed this week, forces have beerr-

more thanamil byslanders in reprisal

Minister Jayewardenes govomment has called on New Delhi ior ro an magazine trat llte-c- ar-a camps lor Sn Lankan Tamil Insurgents in Ihe stateamil Nadu

Kondrrned Iho

facilities near Madras, despite India's

official support lor reconciliation talks in Colombo between the Iwo communities. mmHaammam

I sympathy in soulhern indra (or

. aransts in Sn Lanka is at an alitime high. Lastmall crowd ol Tamil sympathizers entered the Consulate to prolcsr US suppori for the Jayewardene government and tried lo burn effigies Of President Reagan and Jayewardene. |

Comment; Colombo has reacted lo growing intransigence amongby refusing lo accorrmodate even moderate demandsTamils ^

New Delhi's support lor the Tamils probably is in part an effort toovemeni it cannot eradicate. Gandhi's overriding concern is to forestall inlervenlipn in the region by one of tne Superpowers MM

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