Created: 5/3/1984

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INDIA. Religious Tensions in Punjab

i^VibbbBwo sympathy a' the largely Sikh stale poilor lie Sikh cissflenis In Puniab is complicating Newefforts to control the insurgency On Monday. New Delhi anounc tne formationpecial paramilitary task force to combat Sikf terrorism in ihree Punjab districts bordering Pakisla

Comment; The confrontation Deiween Hindus and ihe state police underscores the spread of Hindu-Sikh tensions to security forces in Punjab Hindus are increasingly looking to the predominantly Hindu param-htary units deployed by New Delhi tor protection. wniie tne Sikhs are demanding me withdrawal of tnese units Prime Minister Gandhi's decision to increase lhe paramilitary presence in Punjab demonstrates her concern about the deteriorating security situation there and suggests she is skeptical of the short-term prospectsegotiated settlement with (he Sikhs.

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