Created: 4/14/1984

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INDIA-SRI LANKA: Proipecls lof Intervention

Minister Gandhi haa Informed_ turmoil In Sri Lanka may ba gettingndia marto intervene directly. |

a and Implied that

toldPresident Jayewardene nas (ailed to

fulfill promisesmaoeloindia lasl fall during lhe Commonwealth Conference In New Delhi.

Jayewardene assured government officials and diplomatspril that, under lhe security treatyri Lanka could count on the British tor assistance II It is threatenedoreign power.

Comment: India is likely lo weigh In militarily If ihe violence In sn Lanka threatens toassive Influx of refugees Into souinern India or lo Invite intervention by foreign powers. Gandhi Is under growing domestic pressure to support the Tamils In Sri Lanka.,

man Indian invasion.

India could launch an amphibious assault against Sri Lanka on short notice. The Navy'sanding ships canully equipped Infantr battalion with some supporting armor.

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