Created: 4/18/1984

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USSR-INDIA: Posaible Viail by Cnornenko

ly that General Secretary Chernenko will visit India hist before the elections that must be held by early next year, if li is necessary lo improve Prime Minister Gandhi's reelection prospects. BIJ^BIJ^BIJ^BIJ^BIJ^BIJ^BIJ^BIM II Gandhi's reelection seems likely.

Tovrever^nernenToprobabiy will not make the visit until later. MM

Jalso say that Moscow hasarge financial allocation for propaganda and for visits by other high-level Soviets to help get Gandhi reelected.

Comment: Moscow wants Gandhi lo win because il Is convincedother Indian politician is as well disposed towardisit by Chernenko would

help her eieciorai chances. Former General Secretarya'.so propared lo visit India to relp Gandhi, but hhealth prevented lhe trip. The timing ot Defenserocen: tripadvanced primarily

because Andropov wos unable to go |

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