Created: 4/17/1984

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INDIA: Renewed Violence in Punjab

The new wave of terrorist action grows out of the increasing factionalism in the Sikh movemeni. which is demanding greater autonomy from New Delhi. Sikh terrorists, according to press reports, set fire toural rail stations on Sunday in order to disrupt the movement of Hindu labor that Is essential to the spring harvest. The government has dispatched additional railway police to guard the stations andurfew. New Delhi also has arrestedembers of the Sikhion that it Is blaming for the renewed violence. J

Comment: Sikh moderates and their rural supporters want to negotiate with the government, but the militants, who are trying to gain control of the movement, are resisting. The militants believe the assassination last weekrominent Sikh extremist was arranged by more moderate Sikh leaders. The raids on the stationshow of strength by the militants, and they probably also were meant to punish farmers for supporting the moderates. The moderates may assist government efforts to restore order.!

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