Created: 5/15/1984

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INDIA: Dyee-ntery EpMwnk:

lest Bengal could sweep throughout India. Tn* Indian Minute* ol Health and Olhe* sources say -dytarttary haa tnhscied rnore tnanest Bengalala March.haveecordedostlylcjren The causative organismtrain ot shigellalhal hasresislent lo al readily available, antibiotic drugs |

Comrwrt Tne sue andol the epidemic couldrapidly because Ihe hoi and wet rktmrrver months will ba lavoraQla foxj dysentery Tne epidemic could also reach nearby

such aa Afghanistan and Pakistan. Checking ihe spread ol the disease wti be wary oirftcud because o' poor sanitation, crowding, contarr natedand hOfOes ot nan. and because ol thaesistance- to antibiotic drugs. Vaccina under devolopenent in tha USto two years mora research and testing batore tl isfor widespread .n< |

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