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Soviet Battlefield Lasers



Interagency Study on Soviet Battlefield Lasers


The purpose of thia study i3 totudy on battlefield lasers and to attempt to fill some ^ipT.

I!!far;?Ce ftre theaddreaa thePi33ue

rgycapabilities of the toWand the threat these pose to US and NATO forces. Topics to be covered include:

iC3 of deployed andln their

rfor Soviet/Warsaw vehicles, personnel

camera, holicopters, and aircraft).

o Performance of deployed and projected laser systems used in any secondary or ancillaryangefinder usedountermeasureensor or as anblinding weapon.

o Projected Soviet battlefield laser weapon


We estimate that there are thousands of battlefield lasers, in particular laser rangefinders, currently in the first echelon of Soviet/Warsaw Pact forces. These lasers are an antisensor/ antipersonnel threat. ^|

First generation laser weapons are being developed that would be capable of being fielded by thee base this judgment on good evidence of Soviet research and development in direct support of laser antisensor/antipersonnel weapons. we have no direct evidence of Soviet deployment plans.



Soviet laser ocular bloeffecte research began ln. The nilitary expanded their internal laser ocular bioeffects research effort in theo Include several prominent Soviet biophysicista and biomedical researchers from several different ministries. This research is applicable to theof battlefleld antipersonnel laser weapons and ocularfrom what they perceive is the Western battlefield laser threat.

Over the last few years, sore than twentyasers systems with average output powers inoV rang have been identified. Some of these systems were clearly designed and built under military-sponsored projects during the seventies. These systems are essentially "on the shelf" and reflect technology that could have found Its wayrogram for the deploymentilitary laser system sometime from the aid-eighties onward.

Military Tactics and Training


In order to assess the threat that Soviet battlefield lasers pose to OS systems, ve have to examine how those lasers are employed in Soviet tactics. The ground-based LRP described in Section III are deployed at the regiment level or below. Scenariosegimental attackrontline defensebattlefield laser tactics.

Characteristics and Performance Rangeflnders

LRPuick, accurate method for measuring the distancearget. The uae of LRP haa greatly enhanced the accuracy of field artillery ln direct and indirect firing. Procedures using LRP have improved the accuracy of locating andorward observer by an order of magnitude. In addition to obtaining accurate range and asimuth to the targets, the forward observer uses the LRP to conduct precisionand to adjust fire by lasing on artillery round signatures


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