Created: 9/14/1984

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INDONESIA: Anrkjovermnanl Mating

Disturbances broke out after the arrests early this week ol lour speakers denvorlng antigovemment and antl-Chlnase sermons al local mosques. Troops fired on demonstrators after they looted and homed several Chinese shops and marchedoaoa station to demand releese of the prisoners. Goveromant security forces new killed et leastivilians and *ounded as many

Comment: Tna disturbances refect both fundamentalist Muslim opposition to tne Soeharto governments anti-Islamic policies and traditional Indonesian hottiMy lo theChinese community. Mililary forces remain on alert because further demonstrations are likely dunng the Muslim Sabbath and during funeral services for those killed. Authorities undoubtedly fear that riots may spreed to other cities as they did0 during extensive anti-Chinese riots In Genlral and East Javs.i

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