Created: 9/14/1984

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INDONESIA: Antigovamment Metftlg

DlniufMnces broke out after tne arrests early this week ot lour speakers dei'verlng *ntlgov*rnment andvrmnna a' local mosques. Troops Bred on demonstrators alter they tooted and burned several Chinese shops and marchedolice atailon to demand release ol the prisoners. Governmeni security forces have kWed at leastivilians and wounded as many

Comment The disturbances reflect both fundamentalist Muslim opooatllon lo Ihe Soeharto governments anti-Islamic policies and traditional Indonesian hoellllly to Ihe ethnic Chinese community. Military forces remain on alert because further demonstrations are likely during the Muslim Sabbath end during funeral services lor those killed. Authorities undoubtedly 'earta may spread to other cillea as they did0 during, extensive anil-Chinese riots In Central and East Java. I

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