Created: 6/7/1984

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PERSIAN GULF; Iranian Offensive Delayed

ffeporii ol damagehlp la tho aoulhtrn Faratan Gulf and Iranian cetla lor an axclutlon zona In Iha Slrill ol Hormui probably will increase temtom In tha araa. Iran's offensive at Al Bairah reportedly will not oe launchad before tha end ol tha month, and Tehran appean uncertain over how to puriua the war. Saudi Arable It alert lor poaalbla Iranian retaliation lor tha downing on Tuaiday ot at laaU one Iranian a'rcrefl. I-

A Liberlan-ragifltered caigo ship was abandored and silking yesterday afternoon stoutautical mllas sot/ft ol lavan Is and

alter an explosion sn lis angina room) |

A major Iranian newspaper said yesterday wa: sn exclusion zone should be establshed neartrait ol Hormur, in which commercial ships would be stopped and searched and vesaaa bound tor Iraq Yiaulfl. De setted. j

Comment: The cause olerlan ship's p'OElem has rot been determined. Lavan Island ts near the limit ol Ihe Super Eter.dards

Tre status ol tha Iranian exclusion ions Is unclear In the absence ot any official statementehran newspaper's col' 'ora zone near the Strait ot hormur. Kan has stopped al, recent weeKe to search tor materiel bound for ireq.

Mililary Situation

Tehran announced that an Irsqt aircraft Bo* ow Khorramabedumping station there was bombed laal week cse-rns Iranian artOary aheeed Al Bes*ah late yesterday.

Comment: The Iranian! cortlinja to prepare for ar orfenarve. endcould Da launched at any time. There ia no indication tnetis imminent, however, and conatde'ace evidence ofIlooflina, end kstQl bomQirg lard weight to reports ot

Trie Iraqi overflight of Khorramabad probablyaconnatssa'ce mission In preparation lor further airstrtkee. Iraqxtensive air and missile attacks against Iranian cities soon.'


Ofomrfco MhIi Iranian OtllcUl

aportl thii Foreign Mtnteter Gromyko ytiU'diy met wllh MohemmeO Star. Iran's ranking Foreign Vlnletry official reipoielble


hanOeo Qromykomeeaaga from Forwgn Minister

ot yteM any tsrtgfeM reeuttowrmard aparsi ofrdattona,]

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