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With FDN fighters going Into Nicaragua, Its political section was charged withode of conduct and training to prepare their men

lnthey might enteranner consistent with

FDN objectives.

A code of conduct for FDN fighters was prepared and printedocket size so that each FDN fighter could carry It on his person.

t explained that the objective of the FDN is toemocratic and pluralistic government in Nicaragua. It callseconciliation of the Nicaraguan family, the establishment of social justice and human rights, the restoration of freedoms violated by the Sandinistas, economic reform and greater social mobility.

lready there. The

The FDN wanted the lesson plans and lectures

to he sent into Nicaragua for political guidance to

manual, entitled Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare, was preparedopies were printed in Honduras Tor distribution by the FDN.

he manual was prepared by and addressed to people who had made the fateful decision to engage in armed combat In order to resist oooresslonotalitarian regime.

I" Hi? *anujl states that Its purpose is to assure that every combatant be highly motivated to engage In propaganda face to face, to the same degree that heotivated to fight." The "individual political awareness, the reason for his struggle, must be as acute as his capacity to fight."

It alms to make every FDN guerrilla "persuasiveace to facein his contact with the people; he must be capable ofrogical reasons why, foreasant must give him fabric, needle and thread to mend his clothes. When the guerrilla behaves this way, enemy propaganda will never turn hira Into an enemy in the eyes of the population."

It goes on to deal with developing political awareness, using group dynamics. Interaction with the people, "live, eat and work with theespect for human rights, teaching and civic action.

There is advice on the problems of any fighting force in handling local opposition when It visits orommunity. It says "enemies of the people, the Sandlnlsta officials or agents, must not be mistreated in spite of their criminal actions even though the guerrilla forces may have suffered casualties." It tells how to protect both guerrillas and citizensown is occupied.




There is advice for armed propaganda teams charged with raising political consciousness within Nicaragua and personal persuasion within the population. Emphasisn education, avoiding combat If possible, "not turning the townattlefield.-

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