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MOVH Firmly

The go.ornment's forceful actions unfler the stale ol slogs have at least temporarily aborted the transition to democratic rule, and damonitratloni by opposition groups and tancrltt acta are llkalf In the coming weeks. |

President Pinochet's decree restricts the right of assembly,main opposition news organs, and subjects all other mediaforces on

Thursday raided leading IbHIsi political parties and arrested numerous activists. Catholic Church and human rights spokesmen say the whereabouls of ihose arrested remain unknown

ember of the junta has lold Journalists that the state ot siege is necessary to curb terrorism butdoes notarder government line on tho transition. Nevertheless,!

may apply political sanctions against tne head Of tne maw oppositionmoderate Democratic Action six-partyreaction to his criticism of 'he dampdown and lo his call for protest demonstrations. |

the Catholic Church are poor

refusal iopanish-born pries) to return to Chileeeting in Rome with Chilean exiles. The prleat. who heads Ihe Catholic ChurcfVa human rights agency, had made statements al the mealing critical ol the regime, |

Commetil: The government's actions evidently surprised all political sectors. Including Ihe normally proregime political right. Moderate opposilion leaders are Hkeiy to react quickly by refusing further dialogue on the transition process and by promoting further demons! rati ons.JBfJ

Sporadic outbursts are likely, especially In low-income neighborhoods. Security forces hope to contain any activities until mid-December, when the start of Chile's three-monih summer vacation period stows political activity. Terrorist activity by Communist and olher militant groups probably will continue unabated.

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