Created: 11/8/1984

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a re of tlmgti and the reappointments ot Ihe Cabinet give Presidentamporary advantage over the opposition, but that mar further polarise the countif end eventually reduce his ability to deley lha transition to democratic rule. |

siaieof siege has been imposed In to terrorist aclions last week and to alleged efforts by democratic opposilion groups lo destabilize the measure strengthens the regime's arbitraryotably me righimprison dissidenls In secret locations indefinitely Baj

Pinochet also hasidnighMo-dawn curlew in ma|or cities and has called out the Army lo enforce it.

made onfy two minor changes in the Cabinet. The ministers, led by interior Minister Jarpa. had resigned en masse on Monday alter Pinochetarder line on tne transition to

ruleminor changes surprised almost all observers, including regime Insiders, because replacementsecied inosley economic portfolios.


press he agreed lhat tough measures are

afe .

Comment: Pinochets actions reflect his deter rr'-.ebon to clamp down on leftist extremists, to slow the transition to democratic rule, and to 'minimize the falloutorced reorganization of theirom the junta evidently forced Pinochet lo back 'way Irom dropping Jarpa from the Cabinet mm

i order to persuade Jarpa to stay on, Pinochet mayhadhe commitments io speed up the transition timetable. Whetherbide by'any such commitments or whether Jarpa will stay in the blnel remains uncertain

Pinochet's actions have further polarized Chilean politics by strengthening radicals advocating violence and by weakening thoseegoiiated Iransitier


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