Created: 9/1/1984

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INDIA. Nucliir Safeguards Irregularity

ajasthan nuc ear power reactor, which la under IAEA safeguards, to the unaafeguarded power reactor at Madras. IAEA officials discoveredecant Inspection lhal Ralaathan'a heavy-water Inventory wasons snort.

Rind:an oltlclals are trying to come "upredible explanation for Ida discrepancy before the next inspection. IAEA rules allow lha transfer of safeguarded heavy water to an unaafegua/ded faculty.s repjeoad by an equal amount of locauy produced heavy

Comment: Tha Indians probably ware unable to make up (or tha shipment to Madras before the IAEA Inspection because domestic production ot heavy water has bean lagging badly. The USSR as Indla'a only confirmed source of Imported heavy water. Although ft la llkah/ lo accept India's explanation lo avoid damaging close relations with New Delhi, Moscow will Insist on strict adherence to IAEA rules. Indian nuclear officials probably will be mora cautious In tna future about using tafeouarded heavy water to make up for shortage* elsewhere.


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