Created: 9/15/1984

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Concern- Over Kosovo

on or explosives, rifles, end ammunition near Pristine, the provincial capital.

Discovered contacts between Albanian nationalists and pro-Sovtel sympathizers.

umber ol armed Albanians who entered Yugoslavia clandestinely, as woll a- several Yugoslav soldiers of Albanian natlonaiityj

(More than three years after riots rocked tho largely .

I province of Kosovo, the political and etxrornlc Cemands of Yugoslavia's most volatile minority remain unmet. The Yugoslav Government currently has the situation under control, but the regime's uncorr.pfomislngIncluding the use of the police and military io maintainthat the ferment wsi continue MUM)

Despite special efforts by Belgrade to accelerate Its development. Kosovo is still Yugoslavia's poorest region.cetcent unemployment rate la tha highest In the countryM9M

The new claims ot foreign Involvementotentially more destabilizing dimension to Ihe problem. Belgrade already Is concerned thai, as the succession approaches In Albania, the new leadership there may more actively support the Albanians In Kosovooans, ol distracting public attention frorr problems siam


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