Created: 6/7/1984

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Widening Conflict in Punjab

Tha assault by Indian Army troop* yesterday on lha Sikh temple

compound In Amrltaar la causing new resistance.

Tha governmeni has announced thai troops gained control ofacre temple complex in which extremists were barricaded. Extremist (Oder Bhindranwale was found deadasement bunker, according to press sources.ikh militants diedere captured. Governmeni spokesmen said troops also carried out operations atther Sikh temples as well as Hindu and Muslim shrines in the state. |

The press reports that elsewhereunjab some Sikhs retaliated for tbe actions against temples by attacking Hindus in ihe countryside. Sikhs in Delhi,trong, arecmpaign io protest against the arrest In Pun|ab of lhe leader ol lhe Sikh Akali Dal Party. Sikhs in London and Vancouver have attacked Indian

diplomatic installations

Comment Prime Minister Gandhis decision to use the Army in Punjab signals her crxrwrvtlment to ending the violence at any cost.

The assaults on snrtnw, however, may unite Sikhs against the government and widen the conflict. The continuation ot shoot-on-sightewsan on travel, and sealed borders ompnasttes the Army's readiness to deal with protracted resistance

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