Created: 6/12/1984

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Sikh Troops Protest

The go*omment It trying to mlnlmlia tha mutiny ol some Sikh troopt and to thltt blama lor recant Wo/ence In Punlab to toralan Inrolromant thara. Mm

lesprte government efforts newspreading ot The rebellion_ troops tn fiamgarh. Gangar-aga'. LeWhe loyally of lhe Sikh so'Ciersivided between

ine Army and Iheirup |fJB

A senior military officer publicly reported the capture of weapons madeakistan and China In thetemple complex at Amritsar. He also identified as Pakistanis two persons killed during the assault by securTty lorcee lasl week. Senior Pakistani officials have denied the Bl'Sgallons and expressed hope that progress toward normalizing relations win not suffer, mmm

Comment The sporadic violence ia likety to continue, but Ihe Armyontrol and is prepared to carry out further governmentonetheless, the Sikh unrest in the longer run may prompt New Delhi lo exlend Irs poltc. Dl integrailng theJow even lhe brtoadt kavel. Io reducef future rettgtOua rebellions by mil.iary unrts.s torm the single largest religious and ethruc group artthiny. comprtslngercent ol Its total strength andoortent of the officer corps.

The cftargea of Pakistani complicity aim to discredit the Sihh eutremhyta, but they may also undercut recent efforts lo Improve relations before bilateral riegottations resume neat month. Allegations of foratgn involvement are unlikely to deflect the concern ol the Indian public about the intricjrlty ot the Army, but moat Indiana so far have reacted positively to Prime Minister Gandhi's crackdown mUM

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