Created: 6/30/1984

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Dealing Wiih Ihe Punjab Criaie

Delhi It continuing to doal harshly with both Sikh moderates and axtramltta and It preparing towhite paper" on the cautaa ot tht crisis In Pun/aP.pJfjfJ

Prime Minister Gandhi Is he Sikhs until Punjab has

in Punjab on Thursday arrested the acting leaders el two Sikh organizaiions who hadeeting ot prominem Sikhs and religious etdors, according to press accounts. Moreikhs are being detained under the national security act. Two senior stale administrators resigned after Benior omcfals in New Delhi alleged that their failure to crack down on Stkh dissidence during the past two years conrribuled to Ihe crisis, according to press

Jihe publication of the white paper apparently because ot disagreements aboul how to handle Ihe question ofrport for (he Sikh exiremisls.

Comment: Gandhi's hard ire apparently reflects her determination to avoid any appearance of compromise thai might dilute Hindu support lor her crackdown in an oioction year. Her actions probably will delayew moderate Sikh leadership and could prompt disaffected Sikhs to turn to lhe extremists. B|

Thehite paper will ce lhe first since the Slno-indian warandhi ma/ chooselay down charges against the US. Out sheviata thai accusing Pakistan of involvement will be well received by Hindu voters.

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