Created: 6/4/1984

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INDIA: Armyunjab

The lnd<an Army lock charge of security in Punjab Sialo late Saturday, hours before lhe moderate Sihh Akall Dai Parly was scheduled tolockade ol gram shipments oul o' lhe state0 Army troops have surrounded lhe Sikhs holiest shone, ino Golden Temple in Ammsar. which se-ves as ihe headquarters 'or extremists wnose ciasnes with Mmdus and paramilitary lorces have causedeaths since Friday, according to oress reports The Indian Government has sealed at Punjab's borders, banned fcergncitate, ancj prohO ted an reporting and publication ol news reiatmgthecampj-gn toruic-ryyny and the operation oi

'O'CCS in in* state |

Comrime Mm-iter Gsndru had previDvsry avoided callingA-my to restore order in Punjab becaused*military findsemai securityiastelut.igh represent alien ol Sikhs. Her crackdown probablyapptauPed ouiside Punjab. II itva Army is unable to endwithin several monini. Gandhi cou'dtalem Pu"ja'ore'ude to couponing tnevnlrnOMItl |

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