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Iranian backed wrroriiu did net attempt an) attack* in (heIhrN'orembcr US 'Iccitortt. ih* Ihttal they pott lo US intcrctU inEa.t. paruzulariy inemain!tii tu, haveto pcetpoe* their iiihu Occbum of utcntatcdt US feohtrctin lerruealca.u> rlmvnatin, US influe-cr in ih<

iimte.it reel US faeilitretln Lebanon art pouibly other ptiueft.-i- "HI3

Several ureal* iaued by pcrtou cJeimiftf to rtprcieci ihe ItUmic Jihad early thtiaud that Iranata-backed lerrontti were plannta, attack* on US and Allied mtereilt in the rear I. -n

cbanttt raduybroadeatl cUioird ihc Itlamic Jihad had threatened tourpine attack icairui ihe United Siaiccllictovember

Altoovember, an anoaymout callerortirn nt-tclaimed ihc Itlamic Jihad wouldhard blow" ecauui US ioiercttt in the Middle Ban very aoon. The caller added that the Itlamic Jibad would attack the US Nary ind iiwirically waned thai, "ilennnoi present ihe icekeiton o' Mr. Rcataa. we thill inevitablyromccood term of aaaVx"

aller cimnini to reptrteni ibe Itlamic Jibad indicated ihe (roup would aiiackhtnete official! -ho panieipaie in tbe troop

- ith Itrael

1 November. apcaBttaacr. for tbe Hiihaof -h. i. VmV3ad it ian article that labeled ibe

ncgoiiaticnt with Isrsel "uerilefie"alledholyto eliminate

A. lie Septemberf Iheeuytbeaud. attack, byShutt eaa occur wrth btile or nohe KubalUh in Lebanonnun-backed |ioup* in ihe Fenian GuK and pmtibiy eltt-bere may believeUS tarceti efcpptrrtunrly will erne ret aitore frndnati- -lord. Local tec-ruy tervicetprelecting US facilitici beyond the Itemed area ecet-olled bymay be aaaUeillmg to devoir tpecia: aiuntuwi to USTl-elr


continuedkaceanty in Lebanon dcnM* the tcrroritu *n>-. teaami may target other US f- nd personnel In the Middle Fiait The 'surprise'1 referred to inovember lilamic Jihad threat augireatt that attack* otaUide Lebanon mar be planned. In addition, an Iranian rad->ce*ran*riar, marim* the fifth anniversary of the Uhcorer of the US [mbauy in Tehran cneouraKcd aiouiar attacklS Embassies else* hue

moat likely alternative uracil for attackt would be US inSaudi Artbu. or Cypeui Iran could etc either local Shi* collaborator* oroperatives in tbete countriesonduct auch attack* Wbile the.oaad like to ceaadaact tpectacalar bombnis* aaa.au eafnalat tW, hare an Ihc past, tartallc: acale areacd attacksadnapincaUS oflicialterious possibility. NonofTtcia! US inter em.corporate fariutie* or unprotected private cltiicni, may offer tofier

wrjuid never! belaaaHie UdvruU to mainiaia ifcelr sxesaw;Ihc Called btata


. I lid.ii!;

A monthlo coontenerroriti operation by Turkish sccurlt) forces in Istanbul neiicd several doicn memberi of two urban terroristkrmed Propaganda Unit (MLAPII) end the Revolutionary Left (Oe. Sol. After ItoMly.roups -eraroe-August and September against private rvd se-erel bmnet.of| piny. In addilton. Turkish security force, -ere concerned leal themi American ML API/ iiuahl Ium beenan an setersonnel and property in reprisal for ihe mid October lentcncini olf inedeltlfJJ j




Saod.Airline. Hijackedran

audi* Airlines Jet en male from london lu RiyadhI

ijackedtopover in liddah The two male

elieved to be North Veancaii. diverted Ihcplaaeto lahranbc frouod theie. they were evcipowcrcd by Ihc crew and raw* "to* aad arrested


The hijackers bad demandedhe payment ol an eoual turn to North Yemen, aaieranc* that Saudieave North Yemen alone, and politiesi aiylum (or Ihemieivci in Ira* Their fate ia nee known, but the crew ana) peaaengen. incluaMncmericanaere returned safely I* Saudi

CottaAppro-rs Eamdiflon af ITA Member to Spain

In Alajaela. the SepcriV Penal Ceert ef utbsuedre*ition of accused ETA aratraltvcnewer Bo Spain, overtower court relief, that attened Ikeimeaer raced Seam were^

The Appeals Court decitlon may beofKican

Government posture against teiioenm. On the other hand, uace Jimineiaf la-atvemea*tat toa*>acr*ue(ARDE) trader Eden Piueea ua mi. the decoam may also reflectlo uveed irytni Jimjpax in Goal*.ttack.*member* or supporter* ar* I

TWeal Used To Jatrify Stat* of Slae*

Pre. dent Pwoeaei"emrrsber. claan.ngneeded to combat the rectal enve o! terrorism The Icetorinniimbei or bombngs aad reaultcd i- soenttwo days later by Ihe arretl at the University

oTtnTTeof al, ihe declaration, andaecrat police raldiln

Santiato and the aoalhetn oty e'Tcmucoihat nailed it leasiaborJJJM



il actio m. although invert loihe need lo respond io Ihe recent tone of terrdrtit attacks, alto aUow htmestrict Ihe activities of Ihe democratic Opposition Tbe tine of urge and tevtril tthcr measure i. including Ihc cloture of

Go nettle Ititpoiiucal crackdown tince Pinocbei Kircc powerti Septemberoup. Although Ibe mtauircs initially may allow, op the ttcalaiiagy. their dracoaian nature will further antagonize poLucai mcec'atcs and mghl increase ihc tappest enjoyed by

f alfa CoedwcllagCaaaaehrw

TheSrndrro Um nov) apiorenll. hatampaign lo dn-ept voter iceuirauon fat> presidential erectionndctober. IwoofftoM of Ihc National Elcciioiu Board (JNEJ in Lima were attacked and ihc voting rolli were bwncd. Eight persons were injured by bombs tbe urrorim threw as theybearing, la eaHy November Scastcro luiniaoto in.or.su killedovernmenl uflicui at election rrgistralio* centers in the central Peruvian to-ni of Jivia aad Jesus Sou illy forces arrestedipects The gorcrnment hat now augmented police protection for JNf, omcci H


Prime Mi.iUtcr loeir* Gsndhl -si shot to death anelObcr by iwoof her security fotcc One of the twe attackert -at kdkd and ihewounded by ethci guardi Althoaihselieved ihtiwas the resellilh conspiracy, and rumorsikh army general are rife. Were it ai yel no evidenceooting aaajas act of vengeance by ibe actors

conceri-ed Th**bijrviviag auaiilini it stall briag questioned and maik -

The immediate coateduetvee of Mrtealheek of Hindu vnscsvee against Sikhs, an event that may leadib* bacalashycle el terror such as occurred in Punjab in IM2ommunalo turfaccd Iwtwccn Muslims and Hindus In Bombay rattier this year, and the Tamils of ihe south have recently bees restive. Mrs Caadhi oat willing lo use Ihc Army to suppress outbreaks of eammunal vsesenec.bat it remain, t? be seen -fx, ho the new Prime Minister, her ton Rajiv, will be at B^

Finally, there it uvuthat furtheraisttsinstioe attempts may be made perhepi igsinsi Rajiv a. PresHkni Zail Slegh, if some of the more radical Si.hi real emboldened by the tlssee on Mrs. Gsrdhi. But ti may be that Sikh outrage hat played itself out in ihc murder of tbe leader who authoriied theof the Sikhs* Golden Temple lilt ' y

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t hose *b- pi-.ii; - .'-

an Ktmiiej betnil inform on ihcir former iuera:ci

Dinoclmici. Thosedid not cooperate with r, but didrn.iierrorism atmeant of achieving their political objectives.

Those who neither ooopcated with

the awhonttes nor dittoculod IhermeiVei from tcirorwn-.

Sutttn. By the time the

tpired in. according to judicialiea rorui tutked to ba considered under the provoKm* of onvicted terror mi had anted, betx. reduitd acmence* and ttr rot weie mil eligible for reductions, dependoa hen-well tbry had cooperated, even though Ikead ear-icd

ctoit of information obtained fromtrail haadieda of tenoruti andwoe arretted. d. nmaliBg the lanaa ofi n Ita'v The leadership ofoee of the mayor lerroriailit ditbandmcni llalian courtrcomtJammed with defrndanu. In Novemberourthouse that had bean convened to ayevea-le af cadets wal Ihc sceneets trialia ebich moreersonsof up toeanuror when Maico Barbonc. whobeine one of the two menTl manwho had aired the shots that hilledWalter Tobagi.ementei|hi and one-half years and was act ard

cooperation "ilk police had kd lo the trreti off his former comrades

o* Brigadn.eapontc

Red Brirades called Ihe penitents "walking corpses"

and promisee to mm ailthese -tragic puppet* for whom annihilation is Ibe highest acthen the let (Prists could not gel al the penitcnti directly, the? sometime* punished relative* instead.

Tin belt known dimple el thn wai Ihe videotaped

mil nine gunning Ol RotrCrlO. wit (he

younger brother of Paliuio Ped. Oe: of Ice moal'of Ihe Red InejMci mforwicrt

Even though Ihey may hive bought ibtir Irtedotn through cooperation with Ihc pobec. tbc - ove noi necessarily enjoyedihe reiultt Ii from tome account, ai kail Ibai ihe lialuta auihceilic* may noi be at gtacroui ai Ibe Biitnh inelied in prrireling for tbe continuedf Ike pea-ten ti knot they have bom released from pnaon. Some of tbemjsririnccd thai the government hat failed to boner the poet it made with them when ihcy decided in collaborate: that the penitcnii now foci ihemicHes betrayed

Robertoormer kadet of Primaonvxtcd of ike coUbtoooed matocr of tkree people.est, became hit (Dllibxaikn with security auihoriiict rriulied In ihe airtn of detent of bit fellow to'oritit and the virtatl anru'hilatio* of hit orgiouatioo. heinted from ontoaenttacear from happy, boa ever. In an interview aooal hit hew lifctlyk h*oumagiac whaiike to live the life we art Irvingersonally am much wont off thinerrorist. when my only enemy wai ihc mineave lo live In cipentive futaitacd room in small towns never for more than tit week* lo twa Months. Sooner or later someone tacngoinr*ak* rocfraaaaanal which 'frali my Idcniny.an do it piik up casual workay or lau. Yeu have lo be on the alert all Iheermnatlr don't wanthare ihe* fair cf Roberto Peej*'

ii."'. spall JuiMiuium in Guatemalaeal some of them politically related, mult the (utility of tha process through what* theradually reluming tor-nmeni ^

Some ofigi may have been tcoriil sett, depending on tbc identities tad inouvatioo* of then most snaesyd to be determined. Thltf tome importanceIhinc of use who chronicle terrorist events; indeed,he rciion ihc muidcrt ere described ia this puban.he contest in wfach the kilting* occulted.(he question of whciher or not they wrre tcrroritt acts can be teen to be of little relevance

Onctober prominent Geaiemala* baainetamaered,i: hit bodyioard. They had been kidnapedctoberrmed trie* originally ietnilfard in ibe piesaaiters It noe tppeafi likely thatere hilled afiei ramc-nbroke down between the Sedri family and the

kidiHioen. Two penona hew been eratcd in cpn-ldlc"trc llir^^^

Party Leader Attacked

The Secretary General of ihe Nat-walon-(FUN I.oe One. icported ihat. during it* eail) morning boon of lh October, unknown petsoot hied trveral tholtouse. Although no one -it liuft Gi'anproiecioe from government teeorit)B

National Asteaahlyman suassJnatnl

On If OcsobC' Santos Heiaaadet. an ladaan deputy Ii the National Constituent Assembly representing Quiche Department, was shot to death tt be wst walkinguatemala City street. The assailants.social men "hoan twolto killed his two budyguaiet Hemaader had been

elected Io Ihe assembly in Julyember of the FUN but angered his party by ai.bvuii.cnll, announcing that he was pUaemg lo twHcb to ibe etircmc rightwmg National Liberation Movement (MINI1 Speculation over the Identity of his kiliert has been wide ranging

The FUN aaay have tilled earn boea.se of hn intended defecsaou.

The MLN. which wasormal ceremony lo accept He mender into the party, may hare killed him lo prevent nan from leeonsidcnag hit defection, aa he was manered io be doing

Business Heals may have killed him to break hit reported monopolyampart in his home region

- Estrone leftwmg element* may have killed him io cribairau tlx iwtrniMSi^^^

Two Comanaslil Pratemors Marderrd

Onctober Natrons! University of San Carlo* economics protease Ca riot dcdel was shot lo death bs unknown aasailant* as he Orove name from Ihe university. Theay. the dean of (he economics faculty. Vitalino Giro* Corado. waaeath aa he stoppedas rat-on whale eVirraa to the feaeral of de Leon. The iiuuiw arrived in two sera; those from one car pulled Mrl Glron away frum her hutbend. while those from ihe second car shot^

A government statement about ihc murder* implied the two profs>sor> had been tauiocicd by common criminals, butseems more likely they were eilhe' killed by govrrameiu securityLeon had previously been kiCaaped and then rrkascd kg securitythat ihey died as a


mm mm uhawi-mm-4

r Hi tlinaresram hn

waea? ^


Terrorism in Colombia arid Prospects for| ^j

violence has ebexd aadotombi* lor mere tkee three decodes but basreally dtsepposred Ai present, there aremaiot teironii crgamratMini rperating in the cities and countryside conducting kdaipings, ei lor lion, bomb.oni. bank robbeiei nairder. takco*eri of lowna. and oibcr ferns of inlcncc. Although these groups bave never teriouilr tkreatcssed Cokr-ib.il political *ubakiy. Iheii aetjnue* have hartconomy and havecd public faith la ihc fovernancat'tiiiicni.ll have an anti-US attitude and have in the paal vk limited US Ciliient

Wk ^

Gr-e- ibeand torerf Cceomhiaa terror am. there It title hopeasting ceaaatior. of violence will result from Preiidcni n< i peace plan, which Includes ccatc-nre atreementt with the mainrarnupa Adding lo the difficulties in achievinghe growing violence af Ih* noieeaictho lam deveroped clove liei

wnh IW j

iTerrorist Croup*

Ibe major Colombian guerrilla gioupa traceto the bi-.ier civil war known1 toDaring ihi*of ibr Coniervutrve and Liberaleach otherloody confrontation thatlive* of atCOO people Memberi offormed guerrilla bandi either foror in order lo harass the eaceiy. Wbcnwas finally brought to an cad.group! refuted to layheir arm*:had become a '

Th* largeit insurgentItt group. Ihe

forcer afCoUnmUi IFARCl

hat aboutrithO0 armed combauottupport organiiation of0 lympathiitrs The FARC MM eiiablithtd6 at Ihe armed ami of theCemmunial Pan, of Colombia |PCCt but generally hat operated independently of the PCC. Tbc FARC iiural organisation and leldom Operate* in the cities llundi nteatly through kidnaping- eiio-tro- of weal:hy rarrc*ara. and. siec* IvtlO. from tin narcotic*

The heal known leirrmii group in Colombia itt'll. which emerged ina when it itolr the twordince then,which took iu name from the dale of ihe election defeat0 of former iliciator/piewdeni Gen Gait am Rajasdemonstrated an ability so conduct daring and spectacular incident! On New Year* Ere9 aacraber* raided an Army aero* eVpot by laeading into it aad makasg eff aith more than MGwcaporu Ind hc*vil> armed memberi tciird the Dominican Republic Lmbaisy in Bogotaiplomatic receptiun and tookostages, including the US Ambassador,rge that Lasted for more than two

aa luffs red several at ttsscks since the Dominican Republic Embssi) incident. Ill reputation was tarnithtd inI when9 splinter group kidnaped and laterS cniren affiliated the Summer Institute afS rcbgaMt oegaiuration In9 attempted tooordinated rural attack on various cnsiial towm. Seven! hundred recruits, newly trained ia Cuba, landed in several boat* and were quicky confronted by Colombian aecurjly force* who killed mote lhaatisekers and9 had ofler claimed iturely Colombian group, its image wai further tarnished by

it's now obvloui BltCCiatsona

Unlike some othei Latin American coumriei. CetembU bat noterious teooleai with rigbtwiag terrorism, but in theears thef* toother rightiit moveave appealed. MAS. which assassinate! suspected terrorists and etbr- leflttt

,Tlji it

after hi assumed office In. Be'incur leuacbed an imnnttgaiioa of MAS. which pubOcly imrMtalcd several miltttry officer* Tbe aimed forces were outraged by ibe government's findings, but attacks by MAS and otber eairakgalafter n. adverse pubkcity


The Cotoeibian militarygamit iu.il and urban irrrorlsit for Ihe lastean, commuting tO.OOOX1 held troop* to count cr in urgency opera lions Over the years, (he armed fetes have aisorwrcc panational policy toward the int'irtenu. For instance, itate-of-ticge decreetied in Ihe security Statute| gave the military ihe responiibility for irwgta military courts ta reactor,orrupt, and lenient civilian coun system) Beuncur bat attempted io reduce the role of th* mibtarv in internal afTairttheof the armed tonesatame tmr be hat recognircd Ihc necessity ofong military cour.tcrttr'orist capability JfH*^y

At the bebesi of Beta near.cam* latoeAer comm. ict io achieving peace with *h< guerrillai, oneneral arnntiiy est approved by Ihe Ccogrcts Tbe amactt; was ectigacd tu tnike guerrillas lo lay down iheir anas and enter the maiatliecn of Colombian petitineoerout terms of the decree, all theai accused of pcLticaily motivated crimes etcepi murder wen pardoned, and the amnctiied gucnillti were promisee economic bene finn incentive for adopting legrtimatrivic action program was designed to red.est the social and eeooeouc hecooniryiidc.long-professed goal of thet an adjunct to ihc amnetiy


ihc paymentarge ransomoods Kirby. ain June the FARC abducted Ru.sc:alsoa rancher. Boihwere re leasedpayracRiof ranso

project. Beurvcieacetud, a

ways and meant u> solve ihc iccVal. rtoaoeuc. and political inequities ihai had led ibe insurgency

US Coiernment inttallationt also have been tstgeicd-loora* ptaced on ihe groundi of the US Embus, knocked down one of the security walh.omb intended for ihe US Consulate Hi Call cirvloccd premature!r. ktliicg9 tcrrcnttSIStponsorrd btnationil ceattn in BarraaQuilla and Bucaramanga were dtmiged hy bombauard at the Mrdelluictucr wat killederrorai bombing Onwo bombs cjplodcd near the US EmhaciitaWnaaV "

ad tri FARC milcaUyo- support foe tbc amnesty. Aliei ibe si became lew.'ejected the pardon andis-montri9 btasiod the Army for the failure, claiming that in oac areai -ii9 member! from tuming ihcmsclvct. in by conducting offensive opcrationi. ambiubci. and blockades of guerrillas Ir. regioai they conirolled. FARC won logo9 in Kjrjctiag the prog ram. while Ihe KLN and EPL nerer accepted theimnii'y Aflcra few artonlht. lerrerum returned lo it* previously high le*ehotal aambcr> guerfilial turned themselves In lo Ihe avthorrlaa

The main cause of Ihe prograra't failure wet theinnueoe* on several oaadiiiani be/cue accepting amncaly thai the goverrnncat ootid en-would not meet. Their main demincb were iniliaiion

of a mposition eftruce, and

withdrawal of the atilitary frees guerrilla strongholdi Some were eiiremc. such as ihe one rcoairiasj thai all

iiuiii Urn" CvnniiUiii Tint

In Ihe tut atven yean the threat to US orhesalt and US bosoKisnvcn hai lie id. I) increased folio-Wighop ksdaarung9 Ibrealt toultinaiiontl orginintiocseveral majoru unth oaaratacoa ia Coaaatbui dataaod art pull out ihoi OS personnel. Other LS nrtns have been ditcoutaged from investing or ctpanding then operatisni in Columbia"gj^^

Hi older US interci abo ate irTcctcd by ihc conotiv* effects of Colombian terrorist ictwity. The United States has an interest in aiSEiiag ins: Coaoetnaatable thmoctacyorkable economy. Kronapmai and cttorliori have led numerous Colombian businessmen to (Ire the cuntt) and traotfci asscu abroad, resultmg in iacrcsicd unempioymrat arte iloaerj econnmic grow th

Allhcu.gh il'innrrnlr tia.-tiri.^ntlowea. levUUtt' |S*

the stats of sMge thai hvsforthree decides, ihc etulitary his acca-redinn nutans lute' role in po!Ji>csl offaiji

demandational dialogue was partially metersccxr age meal of ibe pesce taamasutoawith the gueiiillas and hear their dews. Itconimistion's work which eventuallyagreements with the FARC and

Impact en US Ittrmll ia (oSaatOia

Although Ihe large majority of the victims of violence in Colombia are Colombians,especially USbo have been targeted bv Coioentnanoops.eace Corps volar leer wat kidnaped by ihc FARC and released only three yean later alter tbe paymentargembassador Diego; hostage for two month) inl scilurcof the Dominican Republic FmbssiiS ciliicn working for ihe Saetmer lmni.tr ofwasby9 lection aad later rnurderedfjfl

V 3 naaaulnmsvdggajbidnaperihe mosiat lack uasseSapvegesico es ecu live, Kenneth Bishop,loody sbcoiovi in downtown lingo's. He was rrlcsied live weeks later

Colombian le'iorin group* maiotatn eontactt aniti foreign government! and terror itnd ELS' tencmin. for rumple, bave been trained bj Cuba At tbc time of us fernuilinn. thead pariMuls'lv close net >ith Cuba, receiving naming, advice and pottrbty feat* laTrt. Cube-ELN releliom, vrere weakenewal ofi reported In Iaaaua

9terttd itnoi turtnorted byovernments1 Cubaniron onaesne Coast dispre-Cdetaien To protctl Cabal role in IMColombta brokeelations Furthci evidence9 lies vntri Caba lurfaecd1 when Coiiro began using CceOmbia't narcotic* ring to funnel arm* an. fundi tomineintermediary Jaime Guillottomoian drug trirtieHer nowcutindy in Memo


Craombian guerrilla groupt hiiiially shuaaed all contact with narcotics eu-ris and irtrhrberi in order to avoid an) corrupting influence oa the moral pfiMiplciof Ibeit revolution.r.kc became attracteddrag business asof tupctcrneniiag Hi original reliaate on (tiurtKF. btdrurvpf andi.nd> oujbjj

ix the

FARCdominjieCb Ihe I- arc control uf urastgic puis alongiverspuwaaw'iaasilwi-i-

be refit to the cuernllas is financial, and theenefit io the growen is protection

The ELK and tbe EPL are involved mr) the tnmckcrt te v. maeh ksser degree Milthe- scon mi of laimc ti.ra ina largef -rapoei intoColombiaO-g| afier Gailtut'i anestMetecnei


On II May im.icun-hir agtceancnike FARCiltukr ihe iciim of Ihe Mreement, FARCend forbid kidnaping),ion.io return (or pledge* ee* political aoetaJ,reform The FARC will be allowedittelf rcdiiically.hemini tt ration will mac the Ccetgrcit toaad egtattan reformi. facilitateaad feoct tuning of communalerg*aliaorker* mwiiuk. aadTwo(emmom aolhe egricmcetLayingf armt by ihe guerrilla* aadof amted forcei from gucrnlUThua. the potefljUl for renewed acuvitytide

he interreai tT* Band lo benefit rn eeweralfrom Ihc eerie 're arrcemcnti. Thevioet advantage to them it that ihcy mil gam lime to rett and reorganize, wllf-xil government harattrneni The guerrilla) may tlto needore potrtne public image. By rejecting the Iff! lowxjly. ihc icMigent* mil themiclvct la the rate* of badwith the loveinment appearing to be ihe


Fan- Coaeunbuni believe that the insurgent ccgaaiiaiicas actually imcnd to lay down the' aim* aad convertaato political panics Htm, FARC guerrinaa arc notomm.iied. rather, tbey panne ibe guerrilla way of bfc. ie daitic Latin American ronoWo. Furthermore, the FARC-

ection ha* becomeene thairackdown on narcotic* trafficker* coukl leadonfrontations with FARC guetrillatnd ipaik military confrootaiioni in violation of ihe

The oca(COre *greeraeai it alio th'eatcoed b) dnaaknu within ihc FARC9 who bate rejected ibe peace proposals The'Ricardo Franco- -ARC announced lit rejection of the crasr-hrcerie* of bomhingi in Bogota enay. incladmg two near thet Sassy, on* at ihc US aponaored hmatawul eeater.eial at US-afT.balcd I

a Colombianannounced that the Ricardo Franco Front9 faction9 South had merged endiepatmg in the (Man and

Although cease-fire violation* began to be reported almoat at toonhe agreement with the FARCaigned, the peace enwimtttion refuted lo altrihetc tbrae acta lo Ihc FARC. Ia fact, theoaning the FARCJ


nd FPLeil it govtrniflcni form cealiautd lo conduct epa aloesduring lac cease-'re negotiations, which orla red end almost torpedoed Ihc

lig amg of the accords. Inave Of kidnaping!

occurred inrrglou. and an EPL leaderas reported lo have lold tax media lhal Ibe group uttdcannaae lo usedoapine'i atj'i>m" fundamental lo the aupport of the guerillaBonibingt eontinuna ai well,9 eUlmed leipuntibiliiy for anciploiion at ihc

vletttt in" ,B'.

Another beatraMng al ibe Chilean Conavlaie as Modellin onuly may hare been ihc week of Ihe. ll it not clear if these bombings and other acttcoadoncd by the Itadenhipof theHtn or war the -ori af duudcms opera tint on ihrir own ir

Jutt ai ihe ulkiach mi ihc final9 leader Carlos Tote do Praia "is killed by unknown indivtdvali One datnd memberi of therancoaded andwnpieil the indiMtiut city o( Vumbo. killing nearly nO pel torn. Just before ibe scheduled ceremony lo Sign ihee. an elite unit of Colombian police

a 9 tenderand severs]emberi Fvidently. bothaidri mam ie> demonitre^ that il wat not through any lack of will or meant to

fight thai the. had

Ttrnapt one ofea ten cUngeri to thehe aanroiict/ietroriit Conner lion. Although terrorist! aad narcotics liaTiclers have not foaductcd Joani operations in tbc past, this could change. The icrtorisis ma*fld ibemsrtvca in aead of money-they haie promised lo stop auch fund raising operationt atcould be tempted to conduit operationsith ihesJklers The traffeseii. for fhesr part,ill become ever, more Oaagerosti and anti-US owing to Beiancuri decision to extradite narcotict iraRicliri lo the limiedecision prompted

by the* astasnnauoa of Justice Minuter Lata. They have little to gam fiom ihc cease-fire and much lo gain from closer cooperation with the

The record for achieving peace through amnesties andgreements in (alio Anteiic* hat been miaed Inpacification program"4 ralasag amnesty fee gaerrlbj wars chose so surrender proved io be thelow to an eight-year-old imurgcni movement, already weakened by guerrillaeat Ion and government military twctesiea Or ihe ovher hand, after Argentine Presidebi Juan Pcron rcleaaedrroritt activity increased and toon almost


Th' idition ol democracy in Colombia simply may not t: at strong as the tradition of violence The

CConornu reforms Ce.-undeC

guerrillas ia ihe cease fire agtetmcnis cosh] late years to implement, and the guerrillas could lire of wailing. Alio. If Ihc guerrillas do notigmricaat political laatouinghort serai, they win probably be discounted fromeaceful path Ihe implementation of the planlargelyresident's personal Ecputarity aad cre^.tiiliiy.

and itsepend OJ ihe ata-ty of hii

o matnuin hn



ovember, citing inceeamii leeroritm, ihc military government of Auauito Pinoehel impended civii ihjiii and declared Chile isatei

Anori iKr vlrmilanli ofowea reee

bombinf campaign by Ihe Manuel Rcdrlgurt Patriotic front (FPMRk-at launched in conjunction withih mint aniigovwn.mcnt proaetl carried oait by political opposition and labo*ner mid-:og

The FPMR claima lo be an indapaaneat ravnluiionaivean Ge-eram - "aanaBBBBBBV

thai the FPMR it ihe military arm of the Communiit-dominated lobular Democratic Movement f|

Bet-etand J9 October, the FPMR It luapected of bombttti at lean IS tilct ihioiighoui Chile (tee the labie) Motlof (lie alUCaa uOAtiad in Santiago. Takahaaao. and Cone.poor Targets lacJvded the lobalab* Arrpcrt. railroad tracts, facionet. iranapenaiioft faetlitiea. and pvamcipal buildingi. In Curicoa bombseverely damairda bridge andcut rail traffic to aoutnernutttas -ere ieiurcd



The moil leTioua attachith the FPMR hai claimed credit occurred onctober, -ben the FPMR detonated an iitimaitd ii kilogramt of ciplmivciaai thai had been parked nearla.hich kou.es ihe heaekiaaitert Ofarypaata The blait injured hve perioni in an adjacent apatimtm aad deiiroycd ait can, ll -aa ihe ftrtl iiactciifd car bombinf in Chile and the first major FPMR attack igainsi a

ri<|llllll| of

4 Ocioeet

omb i- v

Border tol.ce ufdr defotcdbomb lound near tbe Uraeliale No group claimed "ioonub.liiy lor placing (he bon

f -PC Or-ratten Failed by Itrarli Na.y

An lirathatrol eicuaaccd ft re with pr "vini ontraM dinghy offof Writ Beirai. hitlrng iwpfront who tyrncd out io oef atolintciof ihc Popular From for ihc liberation of

Coru-uad IPILP-GO that calH lUehf the PFLP-GC Pre-mooi;


Coarl Dueiaiua Agitatl IMC Spun Riot.

In Bat til.l ion. lit I. riolrd after Ihc local French court ol appcnli upheld prison lenience, hind id down lilt Juneemf the Co-tieer SnW Liberalionroot Kalitov cecbuihbrwwa tiering the rusti. -hi left II people injured and the homei of imp magutraiet damatcd by chplotloml


HumanAdmit Btuitbed

Onctober in Burnot Aire*.bomb cauted minorhurch while member, of the RcUum aad Friend, ofilled byA Ml S| were attending matt There wire noinjtrrtet. Onctober lite ofuceioimcr member cf the Nil ion JI Cuauui.uun un ihe Diuippeiiance of Pcrton. ttOSATJEPt were are tressed filet and eqaanmentektiioiecTttji againi" injur let Nshit clitmed eredil lor ihe




mawi Cram Found

Near Huanta four graves connotal ofodies were uncovered, bringing to more thanhe number ol tuch bodies found during the weei No group has

claimed credit gfj^

-Cuatemala: National Laflisaior Murdered

In Cuatemala City. National Constituent Assembly Deputy Santos Hernandei and ims of It, bodyguards were inot and killed by unknown pciion mm. j; _c


oarnsaalat Professor} Murdered

Onctober in Guatemala City. Carlo* de Leonrofessorcranomtes at the University ofhot to death by unknown assaiUnu a* be drove boose. Ooctober. Viuliao Giro* Ceerdo. the deank economic* faculty at theoi todcaih by urJdeniified attacker* when he aioppedas station on bit way io the funeral of de Leon. Both of the dead men were believed ft bejnember* of the Orthodox faction of (he Guatemalan LaborP>riyHH|;i

oMler Arrested for Attack on Arab But

A rocket attackut tilled with Arabt killed one Arab and woundedreviously unknown group called the Av-ngerj claimed responifbltiiy for the attack, aaylng itin retaliation for the shooting deaths ol two Israelis near Beihkbem in September. Several dayl later, huwecer. police arreted an Israeli soldier who admitted he had been the attacker and alto claimed responsibilityrenade attack on an Arab cafe in Jerusalem in September. Plaice, arc now tTfiiig Ic (klrrmmc If Ihe bus nit art was ihe workotto individuala terrorist

y of


CuW Discovered

Near Dortmund, police discovered an atenalounds ofandNali memorabiliaaid. Arrest warrant*een issued (or Cue Wen Germans -bo are supeeaed of being memberi of an ealicmc raghi-sng paramili'.iTgro.^in^na^y,

Nmthrn. Ireland: PIRA Attache

In Deny,. ihoi at but missed memberiritish Army panol as the, moved through Ibe Bogtid* Districtomb eapaoetcdateaaaing ei.ensrve damage but no injuries The police blamed the ProviaeHial IRA for both altacki^BH *j



i-tlle. the French Baxjae groep Ipariciarrat aumbrd Bad destroyed ihe villa of an industrialistcompany, which employed manyaf recently tullced financial reverse* Another bomb damaged his office ir Mauleon Island JH3

It Oesaber

Cae**a! Assaitmeted by SUa .

In New Delhi. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated byh member* of her security detail, who shot her ai she -aIked across Ihe grounds ol her reticence In an ernuing struggle, on* of hert.ld dCbcr of tbc actum, Rm>-rcpc-ltd tvbrea-os.ndcdHH


< (xanoloa>

In Addit Ababal. loo American citirens. who were among several foreigners held b> Ihe Tig lean People's Liberation Front since ill forces eve inn ihe to-nof Ulibeii enciaber. were icleesede release wis ir ringed En. iherd Ctosi^m| V) -y

as he nierded

) iriti'm and

omb Eaatadra Keai Pinocle I

fneters from President Pinochetor. of Ihc Internandustrial Fair. There -ere

Weal Baek Victrtscrs(la*a- Fa

In Bethlehem, lour attacks een ihree days appear to be ihe irsuli of locrceung icntinni among radical and ntodeinit Painlinian factions. On ihe nit hi ofar belongingelative of the mm convicted of trying lo astastiaaie Belhlehem'i Mayor Frci) wit destroyed by arson. The loiao-tstg even.ng ihe onUei of tbe BelbWhcm Pies. Servwescvcrcl) daraiged by fitsstombi Rivalry between Communist ind Muslim Brotherhood fictions of the Village Leagues caused these Incidents, according to press icporit Mayor Freii's store wat the target of irson attempt) onovember, -ilb ihe second attack cusfag aboutamage Tbe mayor batUS Secretary of De.'eai Weinberger in OetoberH

Octaher -tarty

Sentlero Luaainaue TaMbrt Lkct-ral OtrketctoOer ia Law

attacked iwo onVel of the Mtional FJeciioni Board (Jlstiand burned the ioi,ng rolls in an effort lodurupi the JunetcsMlenlial elcciioni Fight personi were injured. In early November,umineao lenoiuii killedovernment rfScufce=f! in is ees-Jslts-ras of .'ms sad Jesus Security forces arrestedrectietult of the ttiacis. ihe roversmenl has augmented police prelection for JNt office.


os wai destroyed, fouire killed, andet sonsinjuredemotely detonated bomb. No group cltiintd>


otnbt Oil Guard Barrseks

In Anya. memhrti of ihe iuio.bc terroritl groupsliimcd creditre mot and msthincgun ittirkoil Guarduard's wife was



I'ellee Poet Attacked

la SiMiato. unreVjaiined turncoatsost wiih rer-adeschinrfwnt. killing iwo penmen onOct'^H 3.


Krd Biitta.'. Trial IWiln.

In Genoa.t.ited Brigades -cat onetardmurderedit. tfcrea lei-cer. JtTSC.

dcfcndanti ate Mir to Moretii. reputedly involved In the kidnaping and eirculion of lotmer Prime MinuterMoeu. andeci.he >mi niairtmi of tae tft BngaeksIhcnc -ho hai laeacdnetnee are hr-owi

In Sin Jon. 'Contra trader Alfonsoscaped iitntt) Cramthrown into hit vehicle,ounguin woman ndingIt wounded. Nohai claimed credit]-^

Greaaee Damages Italian Canoauy and Portuguese t

Inerman-road*nide cauted minor dimagetie buildn the: brum ihe ItaltsnPortuguese Consulate, ind ihc Vencieelan leOrianon ofommerce and Industry. "There were noie it

Arabia: ClnJ AtrV-wr rltiachrd lo Iran

Two North Yemen menaudi Aiilinrt ;et bound frorrrTTindonh IJI persons aboard, after it midcstopover in Iieklat- The plane was dinned to Iran, where ike Umckers wereedo-ereeanc by trca and pjiseeareri The piitenferl were relumed unhnmedaudi An

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