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Allah" (Party ot God)eneric term that refers to the pro-Iranian radical Shla Doveraent in Lebanon. The movement la composedumber of loosely-orgenliedate

based ln Lebanon's Bekaause both

terrorist and subversive political methodstheir

The terrorist'eomponent, which often refers to itself as "islamic Jihad" (Holy War), ia determined to drive the US and Israel out of Lebanon and to establish an Islamic state there. This terrorist network, operating with Iranian assistance, almost certainly carried out the recent Embassy bombing at well as the Multinational Force bombings last October. Shia terrorism in Lebanon la likely to continue for the foreseeable 3

Structure, Size, and Leadership

The Hlxb Allah movement la composed of several relatively small groups supported by Irani

Islamic Aabsl: Husayn Husawl withdrew from the minline

Analmoderate Shia grouping headed by

Nablhcreated this extremist organization in

the Bekaa Valley It Is the most organized





Approved,for Re^easi

Suicide Forces: Another member of the Hueawlbu Haydareads this loosely-.organised subgroup of Islamic Amal. which we believe recruits Individuals for specific operations.I

ioie in ootn tne


Muslim Students Union: Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah,undamentalist cleric in southern Beirut, controls this group, which we believe is Intimately involved with the other radical Shia groups.

but Padlallah commanus tne respect andar Targer numbers of Shias. He probably sends promising candidates to the Bekaa Valley for training under Islamic Amol and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Background and Ideology

The Hizb Allah terrorists are driven by an Islamic fundamentalist ideology that is relentlessly.hostile to the US and Israel. They are determined to drive the" us and Israel out of Lebanon through terrorism directed against our personnel and installations. Radical leaders almost certainly viewed the withdrawal of the Marine contingent from Beirut last.winter as proof of the effectiveness of terrorist tactics,

Shia extremists are also committed to the goalan Islamic republic In Lebanon through/They therefore intend to use violence to disruptGovernment's attempts to.ecuritv plan for l the surrounding area,'

The Iranian revolution, the death of their spiritual leader Imam Musa Sadr. and tho Israeli Invasion of predorainantly-Shia southern Lebanon galvanized the Shias and set the stage for the emergence of radical groups prone to terrorism. Relatively few

individuals otlong to thesefewer than

they can operate effectively because Iran supports

them and because they have the sympathyignificantthe Lebanese Shia

encourages and provides training and ma the radical Shia groups based in tho Bekaa val




vutientiy auvuorcs eitorts by the Lebanese Covcvnncnt Co stabilize the security situation in Beirut and no longer welcomes disruptive Shia terrorism. We believe Syria also wants US assistance ln ending the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon and fears that such attacks will discourage the US fromore active role, tajst,

Tho Most Recont Embassy Bombing

An overwhelming body ot circumstantial evidence points to the Hizb Allah, operating with Iranian support under the cover name of Islamic Jihad.


Anonymous telephone callers in Beirut have warned several times this year that Islamic Jihad would attack US lntereata( and two callers havo claimed responsibility for this bombing in the name of the organization.

The method of attack strongly Implicates the Hlzb

Allah. Suicide vehicle-bombs have been their principal trademark, and Shia fundamentalists are tho only organized terrorists In Lebanon likely to willingly sacrifice their Uvea ln such an attack.

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