Created: 1/14/1985

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LIBYA-ITALY: Libyan Diplomat Killed

Political opponents ot Libyan leader Qadhafi apparently are resoonsioa tor Killing ihe head ot the information office tor Libya's People's Bureau in Rome yesterday. Press reportsroup casing itself "Al Burqan" carried out the attack. Libya is threatening to retaliate agamat the dissidents, aa well as agaaist supporters ot PLO Chairman Ararat and Lebanese Shias suspected by Tripoli ot coiucngrie operation. F

Comment: The assassination of the Libyan diplomat marks Ihs first serious strike by QsdhsfTs political opponents since the National Front lor the Salvation ot Libya failed in its attack on Qacfiafrs headquarters Isst May. The kiting will COOS! the eredibitrly ct the dissident movement, which has been kept oft balance byix of strict security measures at home and murders ol dissidents abroad. The shadowy Al Burqan group, which claimed to have killed Qadnafi's ranking representauvs In Borne last year, probably Is small andnit. Its links lo tho larger dissident organizations are unclear.

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